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Eye Candy - Tera Lynn Childs

Oh, Tera, you’re no longer on my auto buy list.



This and Stalk Straight about did it to me.  I mean, these adults act like they’re about twelve years old.  And anyone who ate that much sugar would be dead.

I’m rambling aren’t I.




Well, I’ll give Eye Candy some credit.  It’s better than Straight Stalk.  

That’s not really saying much.


What’s better about it than Straight Stalk: well, the plot is way less ludicrous.

That is  a plus.


But then again, I don’t think you can get that much more ludicrous than Straight Stalk.

There’s also no comedic relief featuring animal abuse in this book.


But there really shouldn’t ben in Straight Stalk.  So, all those pluses are just sort of negated when you look at just how terrible Straight Stalk is.


So, Eye Candy…yeah, it was bad.


The plot was more than a little ordinary.  The only thing I can say that’s nice about it, from the way it was described I could imagine Captain Hook via OUAT playing Phelps.  So, that was some brain candy.



But not even pretty captains can save a book completely.


Maybe a semblance of a plot that isn’t on a terrible three a.m. Lifetime movie could.  But this book doesn’t have it.


The center of our plot is that the main character finds out she misjudged her ex and gets involved in a love triangle of sorts and does the thing she harped against for the first half of the book.


And still gets her cake and eats it too at the end of the book.

With very little to no growth.


Yeah, I’m not impressed.


I think this one emphasizes to me what I hate the most about the love triangle trope, that there is often no character growth.  The MC picks her man and that’s it.  Funny, there was almost a Choose Your Own Adventure-ish end to this before it was revised.  Glad, Childs decided to pick a side (and it was the right side, IMHO), but I wanted to see some struggle and growth before these characters got together.


Lydia fucked up.  And she should’ve realized it and apologized and had some growth on screen for it.  It just ended too abruptly.


And honestly, the other guy…um, please.


Besides being rich and handsome, he was blander than Edward Cullen. I really didn’t know why Childs decided to rekindle their romance.  It just seemed stick a fork in it done.


The whole work oriented plot just made me realize how jaded I am.  If I was ten years younger, I’d probably be ooing and awing about how put together the MC is and how I want to go to NYC and be a fashion executive.  But the fact I am older I’m a little shocked that this moron was able to get into Columbia let alone get a job in the industry.

Oh, right she knew someone.



That was said.


And God that annoyed me that someone didn’t get in based on merit.  But whatever that’s quasi realistic, I guess.


However, the whole work getaway and trip to Italy wasn’t.


Also, quitting your day job when you have Manhattan rent to pay isn’t realistic either.




Or eating a bucket full of shit and not gaining a single ounce.


Seriously.  Straight Stalk annoyed me because the main character was described as looking like an exact double of a movie star for no reasons.  In this beauty, we have a character whose figure is described to be better than a model’s even though she eats pure shit and based on the pages suffers from some sort of eating disorder.


Obviously, I won’t be continuing this series. I really didn’t know if I was going to write a review for this at first but since it was on my Kindle and I had been planning to, I just sort of sucked it up.


Overall Rating: D.



Source: http://howdyyal.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/more-like-eye-sore-eye-candy-by-tera-lynn-childs