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Well, the Gods Wouldn't Smote This

Mortal Gods - Kendare Blake

Last year I sort of ended up being a black sheep in liking this book’s predecessor.  So, I was sort of excited about the second one because I was going to see if that like was going to be a fluke, or if it was really as exciting as I thought.


The result.




I sort of see where everyone else was coming now.  But I still liked parts of this series.

I think I’ll talk about what my favorite thing about Blake’s writing is: her use of language.

Man, I wish I had her skills for writing when it comes to imagery.  When I read these books, I have no problem visualizing these scenes.  And some of the descriptions are pretty brutal.


I also like the idea that this series centers around-the gods are dying.  It’s twisted enough to work for Greek Mythology.  But that aside…this book has problems.

Let’s talk about what bothered me the most about this book: Cassandra.



Jesus. Or should I say some Greek god, since this book is about Greek Gods

I get you’re grieving girl but that doesn’t mean act like a fuck ass whiney brat for most of the book.


If her parts weren’t substantial to the story I would skip them.  I really would.  I know I was suppose to feel immense sympathy for her, but by the end I just wanted someone to beat the shit out of her.


All she kept doing was talking about how she hated Athena.  And hatred and bullhead-ness was what caused this series to get a third book.  She just annoyed me.  And while I get why she’s hung up on Aidan, people who forgot the previous book will be like why.  Yeah, he’s dead, but we don’t see one thing about their relationship in this book that sort of let’s you sympathize with her.


As for the other points of view…


Well, the other main point of view is Athena.  And for the most part i still like her, but what I didn’t like was whatever it was between her and Odysseus.



I was kind of on the fringe about this ship in the last book.  I’ve seen one version of The Odyssey where I could sort of buy them as a couple (sort of being the objective word), and in the last book I was like okay this might be good.  But, but, I think this ship sort of sunk for me.  Mainly because having the goddess, Athena, go gaga over a boy is just out of character.


Okay, there were occasional moments where I might’ve been shipping them.

But for the most part I was like…Athena…she’s a virginal goddess she doesn’t give a shit about dating. Why is she getting all moony eyed over a boy?


Luckily, the romance was pretty much kept to a minimum.  The pacing in this one was off the chart and dealt with its fair share of plot holes as a result.  It wasn’t that this book excited me, but there were times I wanted to have it slow down or at least deal with some the limits that having a contemporary setting has to throw its way.


It is a fun book though-if you can look past reality.


I think with Mortal Gods, I just expected more and got the cliche sophomore slump of a book.  I will be concluding this series though.  I am invested-annoying characters aside-in what happens and I think that with some work maybe Blake could recapture excitement with me.  Especially if she does Cassandra in.


Overall Rating: C+ one awful lead and a weird ship.  But hope comes with grisly imagery.



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