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This Book Made Me Want to Get Looped

Loop - Karen Akins

And now my average or above average  streak has been ruined :(



But the good news, this did have some nice things about it.


So that’s a positive right?


Why I decided to read Loop: It seemed interesting.  I like the whole time travel aspect

and the summary made it sound sort of Meg Cabot-y.


The Result: Less Meg Cabot more like Alienated and through in some Dissonance in there for good matter.  Man, that would be a very ugly or awkward looking book.

And this was that book.  Though to be fair, it succeeded in entertaining me than either of its parents did.


I think the biggest problem with this one is it didn’t decide to get serious until the last third.  Up until then I really wasn’t that interested in the plot or really could follow it.  It was just sort of meh.



Did it pick up in the last third?


Yes.  But it didn’t do a drastic turn around like Snow Like Ashes did.  The pacing was just way off and the way things came together was just a little unbelievable and was full of plot holes.  Then again, you can say that about any time traveling book.


The characters were also sort of flat.  The book’s in first person, and honestly I just couldn’t like Bree even though she was the one telling me the story.  She just seemed sort of distant and almost cold to a degree.  But not in the BAMF way just in the lame YA heroine whose main purpose is to  sit around be TSTL and makeout with the first hot guy she sees.


As for Finn (the hot boy)…um, no.



He wasn’t obnoxious in the traditional YA asshole type way.  It was more that he was a cardboard character who had more personality when he didn’t look like a model.

And seriously, what was the point of that?  Yes, I get that Zero to Hero makeovers happen a lot in these books (more to the girl than the guy), but there was no point of him suddenly getting hit by a hotness stick here.  Other than to be well…mind candy.  But it’s like while growing three years physically, he also matured like ten years.  It just made no sense.




As I said the plot is very, very, flimsy at best.  It tried to go the Alienated root on it.  Make the most slapstick cringe worthy moments of the book before throwing in the plot twist to equal sequel, but it was slightly better than that.  Because at least there were hints of a plot before the very end.




I think this is one of those books I would’ve enjoyed better had I been ten years younger.  While it is definitely YA NOT middle grade, there’s something about the tone that just screams too young for me.  I probably won’t be continuing this series and it’s not because it’s God awful.  It’s bad.  But I’ve  read worse, much worse.


Overall Rating: C which means slightly below average for me.  It’s not terrible, but it’s bad.


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