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Well, There Goes That Theory

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I had a theory that Armentrout’s New Adult books didn’t do it for me because they really didn’t have a plot.  For the most part, I adore her Young Adult paranormal books.  The Dark Elements series is currently one of my top guilty pleasure series.  And I really enjoyed the early Lux books.  So, when she announce she was doing a New Adult paranormal novel, I was more than a little curious.



But when I finished…


Yeah, not that impressed.


I want to say that this book wasn’t completely useless.  It did have a few things going for it.  Like Tink, I enjoyed him even if he was a bit of a trope.  I also enjoyed how the New Orleans setting was woven into the book.  It felt realistic enough, and having been to some of the restaurants that were mentioned in the book I’m going to give it a thumbs up on that.


There were also some decent lines thrown here and there.  Then again, Jennifer always has a talent with banter.  I think it’s probably her strongest suite.  However, sometimes the banter can get a little too much as it did here.



It’s the same with the pop culture references.  I loved them, especially the Harry Potter and Supernatural stuff but it borderline-ed on too much.


Then again, I’m giving that a lot of leeway since this was self pub.


And I have to say for a self pub book, this one was very professional.  And shows how self pub should be written.  Even with all the flaws this book had, it still was something you could very easily see on the shelf at your local bookstore.


So, I give a huge plus for that.


That being said, I did not like Wicked.  Maybe it was because it involved fae.  I am just not a fan of them.  I can read a book about them, but it has to be done in such a way where the world is slowly built and the mythology makes sense.  Here it was more or less a secondary plot.


The main focus was on the romance.


Which I expected, but I really thought the faes causing a potential apocalypse plot would’ve been first and foremost.  But nope.  Most of the novel was focused on Ivy and Ren and getting over Ivy’s big secret-the death of her boyfriend which she sort of caused.


Honestly, I could care less about either Ivy or Ren.  It wasn’t that they were horrible people.  Just dull.  It probably didn’t help that I kept associating Ivy with Poison Ivy-because she looked just like her.  As for the relationship….it really was a bunch of insta love on one part.  And sort of Ivy’s part too.



get that they’re probably going to deal with issues later on based on that cliffie.

But yeah, I don’t care.


And I think that was the worst thing about Wicked.  I just didn’t care…and to be honest I don’t care enough to finish this series no matter what cliffhanger Armentrout throws at me.


Overall Rating: A solid C.  It’s decently written, the storyline and characters are good enough, but there’s no pop to it.



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