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Seriously, Don't Eat the Apple

Tear You Apart - Sarah Cross

Disclaimer: I recieved an digital review copy via Netgalley this did not change or influence my opinion of this book.


I’m a huge fan of Snow White.  When done right.  Unfortunately, more often than not the fairytale gets sort of short sided (cough, having a movie with you’re starring character being portrayed by K Stew is never a good thing, cough).  So anytime there’s a YA retelling of Snow’s slightly demented story I’m game just like a demented dwarf is game to let in an extremely stupid princess into their house.



Even if it’s by an author whose previous work I was less than thrilled with.


Yeah, I’m talking about the first retelling in this so called series.  Not that great.  But after reading this installment, I think the fact that it involved a different character and wasn’t so much of an origin story helped it immensely.


It didn’t mean it was free of problems though.


Oh, I still got annoyed with this one and it’s five million plot holes and lack of sensitivity, but after much thought I’m still giving it an average rating because it wasn’t that bad.

And man, I hate saying it.  It wasn’t that bad.


It’s almost like, well, I really have nothing nice to say so I’m just going to say it wasn’t bloody murder inducing awful.


So, I’m going to try to focus on the good.  I liked the mish mash of fairytales it made this one a little bit more exciting.  Sure, the two main villains had sort of a lot to live up to if you watched Once Upon a Time (especially since the stepmother has the same exact name as the Evil Queen on that show),  but they held up well enough.  Though I have to admit I was sort of unhappy with the resolution of Regina’s arc.  I know it was realistic, especially considering everything she did…but I just hoped.



And I guess that’s a good thing, that I felt things for these characters.  With the prior installment I just thought.  Idiot.  Idiot.  Idiot.


And while I felt that occasionally here, it wasn’t as bad.


While the romance played a role in the book, it took a backseat to all the fairytale drama and that was nice.  Honestly, Henley and Viv were just sort of meh to me.  Not terrible, but not great.  So, I was sort of okay with them.  It was the secondary love interest I had a problem with.


Man, does Cross like to make the loser in a love triangle a psychopath.  And unmemorable too, since it’s really his daddy who has to take the role of the psycho since this guy is just weak.  Weak to the point of being a psycho.


Though, given the fact a lot of these characters had violent mood swings I can’t be that mean to him.


I think with this book if you take with you that it’s going to be deeply flawed, you’ll be able to tolerate it.  The characters aren’t that great but if you love fairytales this one is a good quick read.  It’s better than the first book.  While the main character is a bit of an idiot, she isn’t as big as an idiot as the prior heroine.  The male lead is also a lot more tolerable.  But it’s no Cinder.


Overall Rating: C+/B-. I gave it a slightly above average rating because it’s an improvement from the first book.


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