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So Long, Farewell

The Ruby Circle - Richelle Mead

I’ll just say it Bloodlines is a far superior series than its predecessor.


Especially in it’s finale. While I did have some problems with The Ruby Circle, in comparison to the The Last Sacrifice it was perfect.



Okay, overall it was a pretty fantastic book.  There were a few blips here and there, but the book was so much fun I really didn’t focus on them much.


Coming into this book, I was really scared.  I mean, what could Sydrian do now that they were married?


Apparently, a lot.


In this installment, secrets are revealed and things sort of finally piece together in this book.  It’s a good ending.


A really good ending.


Sure, there are some things that just seem a little too put together, but overall it didn’t bug me that much (surprisingly).


When I went into this book, I was a little weary.  Because Sydrian had already reached the pinnacle of a happy ending-or so I thought.  Mead was able to add more layers to the couple that weren’t there in previous installments.  Just like she was able to add levels to the plot as well.



The Jill kidnapping wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was going to be.  When I read the cliff hanger at the end of Silver Shadows I was kind of groaning.  However, it didn’t turn out to be this drawn out annoying this like the finale to Vampire Academy was.

What was probably The Ruby Circle’s biggest strength was that it was paced very well.  This is really huge for Mead since that was Vampire Academy’s biggest weakness.  I think I spent a total of like three hours reading this book.  It went by that fast. And there wasn’t one part that bored me.


As previously stated, what might’ve been this book’s biggest weakness was how some things were tied up in the end.  One of the plot twists was borderline a little too Breaking Dawn-ish.  However, it did not bother me as much as that book did.


Bloodlines is not a perfect series, it is a fun one though.  Unlike Vampire Academy, it takes awhile to get used to Sydney.  However, I think as the series progressed it surpassed Vampire Academy.  The finale was a nice wrap up to the Vampire Academy universe with leading a tiny window open should Mead ever decide to revisit.


Overall Rating: An A.  Objectively, it should probably be an A-, but it gave me enough feels where I’m going to ignore logic and reason.


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