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I used to be the blogger called YAL Book Briefs, but I grew bored of the handle and changed my name to Howdy YAL. I also respond to MJ. I like to read, write, eat truffles, and watch bad Lifetime movies. 

The Nostalgia Book Tag

I have been reading YA for way too long, so I thought I’d try making my own tag called the Nostalgia Book Tag to sort of celebrate this.  If you want to do this, fine.  Just link to the original post or let me, etc.


Here’s what I’m doing for my tag.  I’m looking at books YA books pre 2010 for the list.  Honestly, I thought about looking at books that I read before I graduated from high school, but that was a little too far back if anyone wants to do this as a tag.  And if you do decide to do it, 2010 isn’t a set in stone date.  I’d just prefer that the books used in this tag are older.  Sometimes, I feel the blogging community focuses a little bit too much attention on new books and there’s not enough attention on old books.


My First YA Book: Your first YA book, or YA book that made you interested in the Genre

These were my sister’s but I stole them, and I am a huge Francy shipper (and if you ship Francy read Secrets of the Nile).  To be fair these are really corny and kind of (okay, really dated) but I love the adventure and international element to them.  And Francy.  I am thinking about maybe at some point digging these out from my parents’ house and having them shipped so that I can review them.  We’ll see.


What Got Me Into….: A Book That Got You Interested in the Some Aspect of the Genre

Forget The Twilight series, this was the series that really got me into YA paranormal and it’s still one of the best YA paranormal series out there.  I think because Suze is a strong person and doesn’t rely on a boy to get shit done.  Plus, she was like my fashion icon growing up.  I went through this hideous Betsey Johnson phase because of her-okay, I still wear Betsey purses and earrings, but a little Betsey goes a long way.


Seriously, Leo is so 1997: A Book that Feels Really Dated

Mimi Force better watch it, pretty soon she’s going to get a website a la Claudia Kishi about some of the stuff she wore.  Honestly, this book relies heavily on pop culture so it’s not a surprise it’s so dated.  What’s really hilarious though is the series went on till about a couple of years ago-there’s actually an New Adult continuation of it too (but we’ll act like it doesn’t exist) and it makes the old technology and celebrities seem even more dated.


Botox Book: A Book That Has Held Up to Date Well

The BOOK not the horrible movie.  Yeah, I really did not like that movie.  I can reread the shit out of this book anytime of the day any day fo the week.  It’s just that wonderful.


A Book Ahead of Its Time: Exactly That

Okay, so it is sort of hokey and you get that squeaky clean Clearly-ish vibe, but Fifteen is very much an early YA book with these characters dealing with boy trouble, snotty girls, and all sorts of things.  It was one of the first YA books that I read.  And even though it is corny, I still sort of like it.


Classic YA: A Future Classic

I actually had to watch the Hallmark movie in English class back in middle school, but I got so wrapped up in it I had to read the entire Tillerman cycle-well, any of the books that involved Dicey and Jeff.  I sort of skipped over that book that stars Dicey’s uncle.  I just don’t usually do prequels with dead characters.  That being said, I love the depth these books had.  And Cynthia Voigt has quite the list out there.  I highly recommend her stuff.  A lot of these issues that are discussed are ahead of its time, although the books are definitely dated now.  Still though, there’s a classic like feel to it.  There were lots of moments in Homecoming and in Dicey’s Song that were beautifully done and I can get why this would be viewed as an “educational” book.


A Book that Needs an Epilogue or Something: A book that you’d really like the author to revisit.


I know it had the crapilogue, but I wanted something better than that.  You know what I would like to happen in the Potter-verse, I’d like a man in a blue box to show up and pick the golden trio to be his new companions after the Battle of Hogwarts and the epilogue we got in the last book was just an alternate  universe version of them while the real Ron, Harry, and Hermione are having adventures in space with the Doctor.


A Popular Series: Something that was popular a few years back that you either got into or not got into.



Because everyone and their mother have read this series and it spawned some really bad paranormal YA, so of course it’s going to be on this list.


Vintage Author: An Author From Way Back then That Needs Recognition


Man, I loved Paula Danziger’s stuff.  I have my sister’s copy of this book which I think was bought in the 1990’s given the horrible fashion choices.  And while it’s sort of dorky (the cover), the book has lots of sexy moments in it and it’s in London.  So that makes it all the more interesting.  What I like though is that Danziger was really versatile as a writer.  As a kid I ate up all those Amber Brown books, and when I started raiding said sister’s shelf it was nice to see her stuff grew up with me.



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