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Holy Holmes

Every Word - Ellie Marney

Ellie Marney can do no wrong.


At least with this series.


I loved Every Breath, but Every Word….I think it is even better.  This book was so well crafted in every aspect that I’m just going to go all fangirl for a minute.



Okay, I’m better.


But seriously, if you haven’t checked out this series you NEED to pick it up.  Not only does it have a very swoon worthy ship, BUT Marney doesn’t sugar coat things when it comes to the action and the mystery.  While I only have a vague recollection of the mystery in Every Breath, the mystery in Every Word was really wow.


I really enjoyed the climax it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite shows Burn Notice.  Except of course, Mycroft is more like Sherlock than Michael Westen.


But still.


That was complete awesome.


Also, it probably helped that this book featured London.


I love London it’s like on top of my cities to see before I croak.  So anytime a book features that city, I HAVE to read it.


It was extremely interesting-to me as an American-reading the story from the perspective from an Australian visiting the country for the first time.  Especially seeing how an Australian enunciates a British accent, quite different from the way I hear it as a native Texan.


Every Word is a very dark book.  It had really a gloomy almost Batman-y like feel to it. I think would be the best way to describe it.  There are dark backstories to be explored.  The characters go to  some dark and twisty places.  And some bad things happen to them.


But I absolutely loved it.  Besides, even though there were a lot of dark things that happened in this novel, there were still many swoon moments and there were a couple of times where you would get a laugh or two.


Though, overall it is a thriller and a very good thriller.


As for the Sherlock and Watson nods, their still in this one but it’s much more subdued than in the previous installment.  They’re still there, but at the same time Rachel and Mycroft are developing as characters themselves.


Seriously, if you haven’t picked up this series do it now.  I’m tempted to pay the extraordinary price in shipping just to read the last installment already.  But my OCness in matching covers and having hardback covers is going to make me wait till the US releases the next one.


Overall Rating: An A+ definitely one of my favorites and in my top ten for the year.


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