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Demon Catchers of Milan, The (Demon Catchers of Milan - Trilogy)

The Demon Catchers of Milan - Kat Beyer To see full review click here:http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-demon-catchers-of-milan-kat-beyer.htmlSigh, I seem to be on a roll when it comes to dud books. Every book I have checked out at the library the last time has seemed to be a stinker. Grant it, I sort of liked Carnival of Souls if I looked past the whole breeding thing but whatever. The Demon Catchers of Milan, alas was another disappointment.This book has a fabulous premisis. I had two thinks I loved 1) demon hunters and 2) Italy. However, both of these concepts were shoved under the rug for what was a pretty boring story about a whiney teen who was stuck in her weird relatives apartment all day being forced to learn Italian.Yep, that's essentially all that happened in this novel. Grant it, I only made it to the fifty percent mark but by that point you'd think things would be happening. And the sad thing is the book had a pretty exciting beginning. The parts where the main character was possessed confused me a little, but it was exciting.After that though....Well, it just didn't move. The plot was pretty stagnant. Once Mia arrives in Italy she's pretty much locked in her room. Okay, so she goes out to eat and demon hunting like once in the 150 or so pages I got through, but both were fairly boring with large generalizations made about both Italians and Americans. Yeah, demon hunting was boring. I don't know how Beyer made demon hunting boring, she just did.I guess I should've expected that though, given how cardboard like the characters were throughout the book. The main character, Mia, I really didn't get much from her other than that she was cooped up and had to learn Italian and sort of had a crush on her cousin (ewwwwww!). As for her, relatives they were as stereotypical Italian as you can get. As for Italy, well, we didn't see it. Milan is an interesting city with rich history, but instead of exploring this city what do we get Beginner Italian in a dreary bedroom. Oh, and when she's not learning Italian she's expected to do house work (nice).You know, I'm a little shock with Mia's parents. They just let her go to Italy with these relatives with very little convincing. Yeah, I get she's possessed. But still. She's a teenager, she has school to finish, and these people they're practically strangers why would you let your teenage girl go off with them and not even go home for Thanksgiving or whatever.Best Feature: Interesting set up. The premises seems interesting enough. Give me demon fighters any day and if you add Italy it should be a hit, too bad it wasn't.Worst Feature: Nothing freaking happened. I am an impatient person. It's not a good quality, I'll be the first to admit it. But when you have to read a lot of cases every day, you find you can't stand well...boring reading material. And this book was boring. The beginning was interesting enough-confusing, but interesting. But after that nothing happened. And you know what, something should've happened. This book took place in Italy. That seemed like it would be exciting enough, but instead of hearing about Mia is exploring her new surrounding. What do we get? Her being cooped up at her relatives complaining about learning Italian.Appropriateness: From what I read there wasn't much cussing. There was definietly some violence and I think Mia sort of had a crush on her cousin (I know. Seriously, what's with this love your relative trend stuff that Cassandra Clare started ).