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Crescendo (Hush, Hush Saga)

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick Okay, in hindsight it's a bit embarrassing to admit I've read these. But I've been enchanted with angels ever since I read Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Blood series. There's just so many directions you can go with them and I decided to give the Hush Hush saga a try. And kept reading them too, mainly because despite it's numerous faults. And believe me the so called saga has some BIG faults, I found the plot to be interesting, Fitzpatrick's action sequences were pretty thrilling even though Nora suffers from a major case of damsel in distress syndrome. The cliffhangers Fitzpatrick leaves are quite fantastic making you want to read the next book despite the fact that there were other features in the book that were quite craptastic. Most notably character development. There is not really a redeemable character in the Hush Hush saga. Let's take the narrator and protagonist, Nora, for example. She tries to act tough but at the end of the day she makes Bella Swan look like Xena Warrior Princess. Nora can't take care of anything and when she does try she comes off looking like an idiot. As for Patch, I'll talk about him a different part of the review. Best Feature: Cover: The covers for this series are spectacular. It makes you drawn into the book. I remember buying the first one because of the cover. That and because some of my friends said this looks like your type of book. And it does. Because I love angels. There's so many ways you can take angel mythology and it can make for some great stories. And Hush Hush and its sequels do have an interesting plot. In the over the top dramatic soap opera type of way. Worst Feature: Patch: He has to be one of the most abusive male heros in YA literature. Forget Edward Cullen, Patch takes up that role up a notch further. Seriously, he was trying to kill Nora for a good chunk of the first book. And yes, arguably Edward tried to kill Bella too. But it wasn't with full blown controlled intent to kill like Patch, Edward was just really hungry. Patch not only has tendencies to become a full blown psycho, he is a full blown psycho . And it doesn't get better as the series progresses. Some might say that his actions in Silence were selfless. After all, he erased poor Nora's memory so that she could be safe. But, he erased her memory. I'm sorry but that's just wrong on so many levels. You know what that is: mind rape. Nora spent all the rest of the freaking book trying to figure out what was wrong, she even asked Patch what happened to her in her past and he blew her off. Dude, she wants to know what happened. Do her a favor and just tell her already. It would make me have more patience for your a-holeness while I try to get through the next hundred pages of your diatribes and abusive quarrels. To See Full Review Click Here: http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/2012/03/hush-hush-saga-becca-fitzpatrick.html