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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - To see full review click hereThis review is hard to write because there were parts of this book that I really loved, but I wasn't able to finish it. Maybe because it was ridiculously long and there were just parts of the book that seemed like they needed to be cut out. But there were lots of good things about, so while this book gets a lower rating from me I will be pretty complimentary about in this review. Because the good parts were really spectacular.Okay, so I really was in love with the setup of this book. I don't usually like dystopias, but the whole humanity being ruled by vampires was interesting enough. And the vampires themselves really had me excited. These aren't your typical Twilight vampires (immortal with very little consequences), these are blood thirsty creatures who have to survive on human blood to survive. That in itself is refreshing. And I also liked Allison. She wasn't perfect by any means and she seemed likable enough too.The thing is, despite all the good stuff I couldn't finish the book. Yes, bummer I know.I just felt after awhile, well, the book got boring. Nothing happened and I really didn't like the human cult that Allison decides she cares about. I didn't even like Zeke. Who I guess was okay, but he just seemed a little bland for my taste. I also couldn't stand the cult he belonged to. Really, the best part of this book was the vampire stuff and the further the book moved away from it the more my interest waned.I will say that even though I didn't finish this book, it had a lot going for it. I just lacked the patience to finish it. And I was really sad because if it wasn't for the horrible pacing, it could've been interesting to see where this one would've gone.Best Feature: Real vampires. I really liked how the vampire element was treated in this book. Becoming a member of the undead isn't pretty folks. And I liked the fact that Kagawa talked about consequences. Most vampire books I've read don't do that. And I also liked the fact that these weren't your veggie vamps either. Allison had to drink human blood to survive. It was an interesting concept that I was really looking forward to reading about, but unfortunately this book failed to hold my attention.Worst Feature: So freaking long. If the book would've shaved off about a hundred to a hundred and fifty pages I might've been able to finish it. But instead, I just felt like the story was going on circles and eventually my law school workload made me lose interest in the book.Appropriateness: There's some violence, if I remember there was some improper language. The part I read there was nothing that sexual.