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Pure (Covenant Series #2)

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout To see whole review click here.Okay.I was on the fence about continuing the Covenant series based on the very fact it's an obvious Vampire Academy rip off (though a good one...that's sort of refreshing after...). However, I decided to continue reading it. Mainly because Armentrout is that good and I was sort of interested in seeing if this series actually did become original like people say it does.And it did.To a degree. Though there were some obvious Vampire Academy connections again. For spoiler specifics I won't go in to them, but let's just say I'll continue reading this right after I finish reading a Vampire Academy book just to compare.It's actually sad that there are still Vampire Academy similarities because the Vampire Academy stuff that she rips off is probably the weakest parts of the book. Besides of course, the pure vs. half blood thing which reminds me of Harry Potter (Umbridge included).Ripoff aside though, it's not a bad book. There was a lot of nice character development in this one. I actually like Seth now and I hated him in the first book. He sort of reminds me of Paul Slater from The Mediator which is how bad boys should be written instead of abusive dicks like Travis Maddox, a la Beautiful Disaster.I also like how the story is developing. The book ended with one hell of a cliff hanger and I really can't wait to pick the third one up. However, as action oriented and as swoon oriented this book was, there were a lot of logic fallacies in the book.Most notably when it came to Alex.God this girl made some stupid decisions. For one thing jumping into a pool in a silk evening gown (are you fucking crazy) the fashionista in me was screaming. That pretty dress and....and it wasn't even like she was fighting and...and...Let me collect myself.Honestly though, ruining high couture was the least of Alex's sins in this installment. There's a scene where it's obvious she's going to drink a mickey and I just kept wondering why was she too idiotic to figure it out? Isn't she training to be a body guard or whatever a sentinel is? If it was Rose Hathaway (the character she's based over), Rose would...okay, I promised myself I wouldn't compare it with Vampire Academy.The other problem I had was Aiden. I think it's because of the fact that Armentrout developed Seth so much that Aiden appears so well...1d. Actually, if we're going be honest about it, Aiden reminds me of Hayden from Armentrout's Cursed (they even share the same coloring-gray eyes/black hair) and Seth reminds me of Daemon from the Lux series.I prefer Daemon.Why?Not because Daemon can be an asshole and he's a quote quote bad guy, but because he comes off as a more realistic character. Hayeden and Aiden are great. But they just remind me of Prince Eric. Pretty to look at and nice, but bland as hell.Other logical fallacies I found with the book includes the whole pure vs halves subplot. It's annoying and really unnecessary. I really have to wonder why the halves just don't put the pures in their place already. Most of the puers seem pretty defenseless. Really that whole subplot annoyed me.Best Feature: Seth. I really loved the way Seth was developed in this installment. Honestly, in Half Blood I just sort of rolled my eyes at him, but Armentrout really developed him in this installment. In fact, dare I say it, I might be Team Seth. I like Aiden, but he just sort of seems unrealistic (too perfect to be true). Seth has flaws and doesn't act so much like a Disney prince. In a weird way this sort of reminds me of the love triangle in The Mediator, save for the fact that Seth is a lot less slimy than Paul and Aiden doesn't hold a candle to Jesse. But it's the same sort of dynamic.Worst Feature: Vampire Academy. It's not as bad in this installment, but still there are some blatant similarities. I've decided to read this series in conjunction to Vampire Academy just so I can be hyper sensitive to any similarities that might exist. The thing is, the parts that Armentrout borrows from Mead are the weakest part of the story. Guess it shows that the best ideas are the ideas we come up with on our own.Appropriateness: Alex is drugged with something that is the equivalent of a Roofie. The language can be a little rough at times. And there is some violence. But it's fairly PG-13.