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Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout To see full review click here.I think a lot of YA authors were affected by X-Men. Well, if we're going to be specific they're obsessed with the character Rogue. And I guess that's not a bad thing. Rogue is a great character. She has to struggle with her power in a way more than the other other X-Men (though of course you could debate this topic). The point is, she's a well known character for strong female characters and in an industry where it's proper to beat your strong female character into Bella Swan submission, Rogue is a nice choice to beat into submission. So how weak is Jennifer Armentrout's version of Rouge....well, let's see shall we?Cursed is a standalone. That in itself gives it some bonus points. Don't get me wrong I love series, but sometimes it's nice to read something you know that's going to have a definite ending. The book's also written by one of my new favorite authors, Jennifer Armentrout. Seriously, if you haven't read the Lux series pick it up now. Yeah it's a little (a lot) cliche, but...this is not about the Lux series. It's about Cursed.My feelings for this book are mixed. I liked a lot about hated, hated some of it, and felt really indifferent about most of it.As you probably could tell from my sarcasm above this book reminded me a lot X-Men. And yeah, it's not the first YA book to have done this but it's sort of annoying. I really don't get why they always go to Rogue to rip off. Couldn't they ripoff Shadowcat or someone else? Okay, so maybe it's the fact that Rogue is a complex character. And we see this with the Rogue rip off. Ember really does struggle with her curse/gift. Though her struggle is resolved a little abruptly, at least in my opinion.But then again, pacing was just off . Things were resolved with little to no effort. Like the plot and the relationships in this book. Honestly, the only relationship that is halfway developed is Ember's relationship with Hayden and you could argue that that's insta love (though fairly decent insta love).The adults in this book like Cromwell, Ms. Liz, Ember's mom, that creepy English teacher they're merely plot devices and when they do make an appearance it's much like the rest of the school for the gifted in this book (one dimensional). However, all of them fit their necessary stereotypes that's needed for an X-Men rip off. There's even a pseudo brotherhood. No joke.So, why doesn't this book get a lower rating? Well, it did have its moments. I really liked the way the book started. While I didn't particularly care for Ember I found her relationship with her little sister to be refreshing and she did have an interesting (if cliche) backstory. And I also liked the romance even though Hayden is no Daemon Black. But the point is, it ain't no Lux. Best Feature: Voice. As I annoyed as I got with this book I couldn't help but like it. Jennifer Armentrout's writing really does draw you in. Her writing is easy to get through and the stories, while they might seem cliche at times, are enjoyable enough to get your mind off the twenty page paper you have due next week for your Case Assessment class.Worse Feature: Asshole supporting characters. Seriously, I did not like any of the supporting characters. You know, Ember is a bit of a bitch and I can understand why not everyone would like her, but it was just excessive with the amount of Ember hate that was going on. Couldn't there just be indifference. And really, what was Cromwell's deal not paying attention to her unless he needed to yell at her or wipe people's minds (douche). Of course with a last name like Cromwell I shouldn't have expected much.Appropriateness: Nothing too explicit as far as you go sexually (I think that's why Rogue keeps making appearance, she can't be touched. So it's like she has a permanent chastity belt on).