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Epic Fail

Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik I liked LaZebnik's version of this classic story. I really liked the Hollywood spin, it's a great way to show the tensions in society which my college English professor would applaud. Another thing I will give props to LaZebnik is her version of Bingley. Chase is the only Bingley that I've ever really liked. Why, because he has a backbone? He's actually tricked into dumping Jane and rather than acting like a pansy about it he takes action. There were a few problems with this book, conflict was glossed over. And at times I thought the Darcy and Elizabeth was a bit rushed. And where the hell was Mr. Collins, Charlotte Lucas, and Mary?Best Feature: Hollywood: I loved the Hollywood spin this book had. A school of celebrity brats how can you not love that? And I think doing the whole Hollywood thing allowed LaZebnik some leeway when it came to handling the whole Wickham thing.Worst Feature: Too Happy? I really liked this book. But I just feel like a lot of the conflict was quickly fluffed over. Yes, it existed, but it was resolved within the matter of pages. Take the Bingley and Jane conflict for instance. In the original it's only towards the end that the two of them get back together. In here it's a matter of twenty or so pages. Which is nice, but sometimes I like a little angst.To see full review click here: http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/2012/02/classic-week-epic-fail-claire-lazebnik.html