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Origin (Lux)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout To see full review click here.Well, this book was certainly eye opening and not just because of the cover.Honestly, this is probably my least favorite Lux book yet. And it's not because it's that bad of a book. It's fairly decent considering the rest of the muck in the YA world. And I did enjoy the scenes at Area 51. Oh, yeah, a good chunk of this book takes place at that non-existant base that the government actually admitted does exist but instead of hosting ET it does boring things.One of the reasons I've always liked the Lux series better than Armentrout's other books is because of the intricacies that are involved in the Luxan world and the fact that there's actually witty banter instead of insta lust between Katy and Daemon.Well, there was action and some rather interesting world building in this installment. But the world building info that we were given reminded me of Breaking Dawn.Sound familiar.Thank God, Katy isn't pregnant yet. However, I'm betting there's a good chance she might be by the end of the next novel. After all Dawson knocked up Bethany in this installment, and Daemon and Katy inevitably repeat the same thing that those two do.Save for their Vegas wedding, a la Beautiful Disaster.Yeah, at times I thought I was reading bad fan fiction.These plot points reminded me why I got so annoyed with Armentrout in the Covenant series. Because she has a tendency to rip off popular series. I always knew that Lux was similar to the Twilight Saga. But the fact we had to add the freaky baby plot....well, imprint me now.And honestly, why did we have to throw in a cheap new adult Vegas wedding? It gave me bad flashbacks. get that most of these grievances are personal and that there are going to be some (okay, a lot) of fans that like this. But for me I just started rolling my eyes.Besides some of the plot choices, I also got annoyed with how the way Katie and Daemons' relationship devolved. Forget witty banter, in this installment its just fluff that's about on par with that of Armentrout's new adult books. It's not bad and there are a few cute moments, but what I loved about this series seems to have been diminished somehow. Overall though, the story was still strong. I could almost see this being the final installment save for that ending. Everyone was disgustingly happy for awhile there. And honestly, who wants to read about disgustingly happy people. Maybe that's why I thought these characters were replaced by pod people.Despite its faults though, Origin had its moments. There were scenes that just freaked you out. While some of the new characters that were introduced were purely to give old characters a new love interest, said new characters were well formed. And it appears that Armentrout did give me the gift of getting rid of a character I hated.