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I used to be the blogger called YAL Book Briefs, but I grew bored of the handle and changed my name to Howdy YAL. I also respond to MJ. I like to read, write, eat truffles, and watch bad Lifetime movies. 

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare I'm not really reading this one for pleasure. More like I have to finish this series since I've subjected myself through five of them. Though it's not technically the end of a the Shadowhunter series. The are three trilogies that have been unwritten that Clare has claimed she's going to subject us to-the one that takes place in California with female Jace, the one about Will and Tessa's kids, and the one that's going to heavily feature a LGBT couple.Ridiculous, I know. But hey, we have to have something to think about when we get a Clare boggart (and yes, that was a stab at her Harry Potter days in fandom).