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Frigid - J Lynn To see full review click here.You know, I had to think about this one. It's not a bad book. It's not even awful. It's just that it's New Adult and at this point I might as just throw in the towel when it comes to that genre. Because it's such a freaking cliche.Seriously, all New Adult books are essentially the same. And I'm starting to wonder if that's what hte appeal is your'e reading the same book. Don't believe me. We're going to analyze Frigid as your typical NA book rule.Heroine: Sydney is a good girl, check. She's lost her V card which is surprising for NA but considering she only had sex one time and was called frigid (which we're constantly reminded of) she essentially fits into this category. She's pretty boring like most of the characters are. Has no real ambition other than getting a man. Oh, wait she talks about getting a doctorate but she doesn't really specify and its only till the very end of the book we learn she wants to be a shrink.Hero: Yep, Kyler is a man ho complete with hipster ink. We are constantly told this as well as the fact that he uses protection. But of course he forgets with Sydney that one time. But that's okay she's on the pill never mind that...hey, it's NA STDs and the fact that the pill isn't perfect when it comes to preventing pregnancy is not even worth mentioning here.Plot: What plot? Just sexy good times. And Armentrout follows the sex scenes in the typical NA route as painfully bad. Though I'm just starting to think her sex scenes are bad in general since that was the biggest fault I had with Obsession. Alright, there was a lame attempt at a subplot here that worked a tiny bit better than the non-existant plots in other NA books but still...Relationship Pacing: As in typical NA books we have two characters who shouldn't be getting together anytime soon making out right away, having the best sex of their life ever, and then a misunderstanding happens they mop, and OMG get back together. Seriously, the pacing in these books really any NA book drives me insane. An Unrealistic Look on College Life: Because anyone can major in business and get into veterinarian school. Um, you do realize that it's harder to get into vet school than med school? To be honest, this isn't the worst NA I've read. It's actually pretty tolerable. Probably because I have accepted at this point I'm never going to get anything new and original just polished versions of any AU Twilight fan fiction that has Bella and Edward doing it on a university.That's sad people.I really don't understand why New Adult can't have an actual, decent, plot. Is that too much to ask? College is an exciting time in people's lives. You know, there's more to it than just meeting some dreamy looking boy with lots of tattoos. The sad thing is YA paranormal is less cliche than NA right now. And that's really, really, sad. Because even with the shitty world building that goes on with a lot of these books there's actually a plot with NA it's just bad sex scenes that I skim over. Okay, well, there was technically only one scenes where they had actual coitus but there was a lot of other sexual stuff going on here that just had me rolling my eyes.I'm just going to say it New Adult is soft porn. Disagree with me all you want, but when you have no plot and the romance just consists of the character describing their anatomy and taking their clothes off that's what you have.And I really can't blame Armentrout (that much) for this book. It's decently written and when the characters weren't discussing how the other character looked in their underwear it was a fairly decent read. I liked the chemistry they had. But we didn't get much banter. Honestly, it just sort of read like it was phoned in. And maybe that's what you have to do to be successful at NA. Read a couple of Twilight fan fictions and either Beautiful Disaster or Fifty Shades of Grey to get an idea of how NA college life works then do your own version with very little variation.Honestly, it's just sad. And makes me weep for a genre that could be very interesting. Note to self, write NA book about a science who....actually has more of a plot other than having a relationship with a guy who's going to need to be getting laser treatments for his hipster ink in ten to fifteen years.Best Feature: Chemistry. The characters had chemistry when we weren't subjected to painful sex scenes written by Armentrout. If Sydney talks about how frigid she is one more time... Okay, so yeah, the characters do share chemistry. And you can tell that they actually have a real relationship with each other prior to the insta lust which is sort of nice. But really, having them sleep with each other that fast? No. Just no.Worst Feature: No Originality. As I said before, my biggest complaints with the New Adult genre is that it's so formulaic there is never anything new with these books. And this one is no exception. It isn't exactly terrible, if you like the NA formula you're going to love this one. But it was boring. And yeah, Armentrout did try to give a plot to this one. But it is very weak and more like a sub-sub plot than an actual plot. Sort of pathetic really. Appropriateness: Um, yeah. Younger Lux fans should not venture into reading this book. Most of the book is devoted to sex so I really can't recommend it there. There are f bombs dropped occasionally and some violence.