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Shadows (A Lux Novella)

Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout Really 2.5 I'm probably going to be rating things lower though from now through the beginning of August, so be forewarned. To see full review click here.I liked this novella, but I think had my reading time not been reduced to two hours at night, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much. That being said, it was sort of the perfect read for me the past few days. Flaws included.It's very short (a novella) and luckily the price was fairly reasonable-$2.99 on Amazon. If you read the main series, you're not really getting anything new like with Obsession this is merely a prequel. But a fairly decent one that gives you some insight into what happened before Katy moved to WestVirginia.That being said, this little book had some flaws.Mainly the characters who I felt like were not that well fleshed out, save for Daemon.I'll go into this more on my worst feature, but I really do feel like Armentrout has two types of characters. Some of the characterization problems I've seen before with Wait for You and Cursed. And honestly, it might've been difficult to avoid here. This is a novella, so character development probably wasn't the focus here.The plot really wasn't that eventful either. One of the things that I found annoying, was the way Bethany took the whole alien thing. It was basically the same reaction Katy had. She was okay with it. Seriously, why can't one of these characters ever panic. Have a mini meltdown. I know I would if my boyfriend turned out to be an alien....However, Bethany seemed to accept it pretty easily.The book also seemed rush. Yes, its a novella. Yes, I know it's going to be paced differently from a regular novel, but God I felt like I was dealing with whiplash a lot of the time. And the ending just seemed so sudden. Not to mention, Bethany and Dawson suffered from a major case of insta love. Best Feature: How e-book only format should be done. Even though I have an e-reader now, I still get annoyed with e-reader only reads if they're not either independently or small house published. I mean, seriously, I get digital books are big and all but not everyone has a iPad or a Kindle. What I like about this book is that you don't have to read it to get the rest of the Lux series. Sure it's nice, but it's not a necessary read. And that's why I was okay with it being in ebook formula. Worst Feature: Bland Character. Armentrout is smart for using third person. I'll give that to her because I have a feeling that if this book was in first I would be a very grumpy reader. It's not that Bethany and Dawson are bad characters, it's just well...compared to Daemon and Katy they're bland. And I think is something I've noticed in a lot of her other books. She has two types of characters. Snarky and blandly perfect. Bethany and Dawson fall in the latter. It wasn't that I found them to be insufferable, they were decent enough characters it was just that I wanted to read Daemon POV more than Dawson. Even though Daemon was sort of being a douche in this particular installment. Appropriatness: There's a few f bombs here and there, but the sex and violence is much more restrained than other Lux books.