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The Liberator: The Collector 2 (Dante Walker)

The Liberator - Victoria Scott To see full review click here.The Collector was probably one of the best books I read this summer. And one of the things I love the most about Entangled (its publishing company) is that they get sequels out fast.I have to say, my feelings about The Liberator are sort of mixed. On one hand, Dante was entertaining as ever and I thought he developed as a character in this installment.I have to say I really enjoyed him "slumming" it at the Holiday Inn. That was sort of hilarious. And he's right, Holiday Inns can suck. And for the most part I did still enjoy his relationship with Charlie. For the most part. There were some issues, but the chemistry is still very obviously there and I enjoyed the two of them together. And I really was glad Scott didn't go in the direction of love triangle-ville with Aspen.But and this is a very big but....While I really liked Aspen, she really served no purpose to the very in. Lots of the characters in this series, you could say, are floaters. Which is sort of sad because all the characters are good...but this series has too many extras much like the second and last season of Young Justice.For example,take the characters Aspen and Annabelle into consideration. Annabelle in Charlie's friend, I love her, just like I love Aspen, but she serves no other purpose except being there. I'd almost say that instead of creating the Aspen character, it would've just been better to utilize Annabelle but whatever. Apsen wasn't awful.And none of the characters were awful, it was just as I said before they really didn't have a place on the canvas. It was just like they were randomly there.And that's how a lot of the plot in this story was.Random.Things just happened with little to no build up or explanation, it still made sense, but with the first book there seemed to have more of a clear plot. Here there was a plot, but it just deviated from it and never really got back on track. For example, Aspen. We sort of got to know her story. Then it was dropped for about a hundred pages then sort of picked up again but not really.I almost think this book had middle book syndrome. You know, kick ass first book and the second book is just sort of meh so that the final book can be awesome. And that's a shame because the first book was really awesome.Don't get me wrong this wasn't a bad book. Compared to many other books and for that matter sequels in the genre, it was pretty good but compared to The Collector it was a bit of a disappointment.Maybe part of that was because of the way Charlie and Dante acted when together. They still had chemistry, but a lot of their interactions seemed forced to a degree. The separation could've made way for some cool plot twists, but it really was a non-issue throughout most of the novel.The ending though, has me holding out hope. While I had a lot of problems with The Liberator, the last fifty or so pages made me excited to read the next one. I feel like the third installment will be pretty awesome.Overall, this isn't a bad book it's fairly good. But the plot is flawed. It clearly suffers from middle book syndrome, and I really hope the next book ups the ante again. I still love the characters, but compared to the first book it was a little less than stellar.