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Sweet Legacy (Medusa Girls, #3)

Sweet Legacy (Medusa Girls, #3) - Tera Lynn Childs To see full review click here.I have to say this was a nice end to a trilogy.Was it perfect? Hardly. But I honestly feel like this was the best Tera Lynn Childs book I have read to date and I don't regret buying this book or reading this trilogy.It's good old harmless and clean fun.That's something I really appreciate about Tera Lynn Childs. Any age group can read her work and won't feel like they're being talked down to or be scarred for life.Although, she does have a tendency to go towards corny.Which I think is okay.Sweet Legacy has a lot going for it. Decent characters, action, some romance. And it wraps pretty much everything up.Okay, so there were some questions left...but I am satisfied enough with the conclusion of this series. The plot resolved nicely, all the characters evolved, and I liked the guys the girls ended up with for the most part.Though I still found Greer and Thane a little weird. I mean, she's Grace sister. Identical sister. And Thane's Grace's brother. That just reads a little awkward and borderline incest to me.They did have nice enough chemistry though, and I really think I ended up enjoying Greer the most out of the sisters and she's the one who I found most insufferable at first, so go figure.The other sister's are great too. Okay, so I still got annoyed with Grace (a lot). And Gretchen has her moments to, but it wasn't the type of annoyance I get with YA characters like Bella Swan and Bethany Church. It was more like an annoyance you get with people, meaning they were realistic.Though Grace, I don't want to hear about how high your IQ is. If you do that again, I'm going to make you see Dr. Sheldon Cooper and then we'll see how smart you are. think if you were to describe this series in one sentence it would be Charmed meets Greek mythology. And I'm completely okay with that. Although, we have three destined sisters, dating guys they shouldn't, while trying to live normal lives in San Francisco Childs has made it her own story. Honestly, the mythology in this book almost has a 1980's B movie type of feel and I like it.What did bother me about the book was I thought there were some things that needed to be flushed out more. Specifically the birth parents subplot. Maybe it's been so long since I read the other two books, but whatever happened to their father? Is he alive too? They don't even seem that curious about him or for that matter that curious about their birth mother who's really only there for plot purposes. I really didn't even know much about the organization she belonged to. But whatever. A similar situation occurred with the Thane part as well. It was details like that, that kept this book from getting a full five stars on GoodReads or a nine or ten on my own blog. Still though, despite these faults this one was a pretty strong ending. I thought the use of both the Greek mythology world and San Francisco was well done in this book. While I did wish we'd spend just a bit more time in the real world in this installment, there was a lot going on and Tera couldn't pack everything in this installment.Oh, and I also have to give Childs kudos for her handling of Nyx. It's nice to read an interpretation of the goddess that's not like Gaia from Captain Planet.Overall, this book excelled at action. Tera really does excel when it comes to using Greek mythology. Her other books incorporate Greek mythology degree and each time she uses it in a unique and different way. Out of all her books I'd recommend this trilogy probably because anyone young or old can enjoy it. Yes, it has its cornball moments, but overall if your looking for something sort of light and fluffy with a little bit of action thrown in you should give this trilogy a try.