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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - To see full review clickhere.OMG.Finally. Fucking finally.This book.It's amazing.I have no words.Okay, maybe I do. But how do I....This is what I expect from a book. A book that will make me want to continue reading at night, despite the fact that I should go to bed. A book that just made me smile and cry and....Okay, I think I'm done fangirling enough to actually review.Wow. Just wow. With the fairytale retelling I usually expect a cute story that isn't anything really new. Like Beastly. It's a cute enough book, but it's nothing new. And Cinderella...well, up until this point my favorite Cinderella telling was Ella Enchanted and even though it added some new things to the Cinderella story it wasn't revolutionary though.This though....If you look at the summary alone it's a little mind boggling. Cyborgs, moon people, princes, Cinderella, androids, political tensions. That's a lot to take in. And you wouldn't think it works, but it does quite brilliantly. And while Meyer changes things from the original fairytale, there's no little old lady going bibbity bobbity boo, it works. Better than if she would've followed the fairytale directly.Also, apparently, this is sort of a homage to Sailor Moon a series I never got to watch mainly because my parents were very anti cable. If this is how Sailor Moon is I have got to check it out though. Because this book is freaking awesome. Back to fangirling, I really loved how well formed these characters were. All of them were well formed. Even the male lead had a personality and wasn't an asshole (I know, a rarity in YA). And Cinder was just awesome. I loved how she was a mechanic and a cyborg, and the cyborg thing was actually what I was worried about most (I blame it on reading too many Superman vs Metallo comics in my youth).Best Feature: Kick ass princesses. Cinder's not your Disney Cinderella. She's resourceful and kicks ass. She doesn't even want to go to the ball and she really doesn't let her stepmother push her around (much). In other words, she's a really well rounded character. And I think with the little cameo made from another character who I think is supposed to featured in a latter book this is going to be an ongoing trend (keep fingers crossed).Worst Feature: Um, none. Okay, well, maybe I got annoyed with Cinder's reluctance to tell Kai she was a cyborg and that she wasn't good enough for him. But it worked.Appropriateness: Theres' some violence and some pretty heart wrenching scenes. But it's fairly clean other than that.