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Destined: Number 9 in series (House of Night)

Destined - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast To the full review visit my new blog here.Well, I have the last two books (well, books that are out) in the House of Night series in my library box this week. Since I want to finish this project I decided I better start reading them. And honestly, I didn't quite know what to make of this one.I know I always talk about these books being a drinking game and try to relate them in a way where you can actually drink but this one was just an incoherent mess much like Burned except I think Burned had a better excuse to be a mess.Heaven forbid, I'm defending PC and Kristin Cast. What is this world coming to?I will say though that as much as I hated Burned (and I really did hate that book) the incoherentness sort of made sense. At least I knew why Zoey's point of view was a mess because she was basically dead. Though here....Casts. You got to stop with the multiple POVs. Seriously, its making me feel drunk when I'm not drunk. I really don't like having to go online after I finish a book and try to make sense of what I'm reading. And I haven't here. Originally after I read it, I intended to go onto the House of Night Wiki page or what not and see what this POS was about. And I probably will before I torment myself by reading Hidden, but as I thought about how to write this review. I thought, maybe I should let my reviews know what I was thinking when I was reading this. I didn't express myself in status updates (so much) this time because there really wasn't anything to snark about. That's sad when you can't snark about a bad book. That's actually one of the reasons why I occasionally decide to indulge in a bad book because of the snark. So for this installment of the drinking game, here are ten random thoughts that I had during Destined that had me wanting to open a bottle of Yellow Tail at ten o'clock in the morning.1) Who the hell is talking? Seriously, the random POV were even more random this time around. The Casts need to get this under control. I have real issues when POV shifts in a chapter, even when it is marked. I just don't understand why you can't start a new chapter. I think this is one of the reasons why I appreciated Melissa de la Cruz's Bluebloods series. As fucked up as that particular vampire series got, you always knew whose POV you were getting. Even in the lackluster, Misguided Angel, which format differed from the others you still had a section that was purely one character. I appreciate that, Ms. de la Cruz. Mrs. and Ms. Cast though you gave me a headache that not even a Cherry Coke with extra cherries can cure.2) Breaking the Fourth wall. Okay, this is probably going to be one of the biggest rants I have in this installment. A few books ago, I want to say Burned, I made a status update regarding the fact that the Casts like to use the "r" word a little too much and how that's offensive. Turns out I'm not the only person who found their behavior disgusting. According to The Book Lantern , a reader informed the Casts that its not exactly PC to use the "r" word in the fashion that they were using it and Cast Snr. through a hissy fit-very professional. Interestingly enough, a couple of books down the road. One of the characters laughs about people who find said "r" word offensive and goes on to state that it should be rape not the word retard that is offensive (Destined Cast and Cast 96). Honestly, Cast Snr. Really? It gets better besides basically stating that people finding the "r" word offensive is stupid, the Cast go on excessively commenting how the kids have to ride the short bus throughout the book and essentially mocking it. Did it ever occur to them that kids or adults with special needs might be reading this shit? Having a niece that is physically disabled this offends me on so many levels. Oh, and by the way, Casts, most hotel shuttles are minibus like the ones the kids were riding here. So, what are you trying to even argue here?3) Trying to solidify relationships by vilifying the other guy. Seriously, this is the worst way to pimp out a romantic relationship. Its an obvious ploy and it just makes people like me annoyed that in this case the Casts make a character completely OOC so they can celebrate their RDJ crush. Or I don't know what King Douche is supposed to be at this point and yes he does still exist...unfortunately. 4) Bestiality. Oh my God, there are so many allusions to Bestiality in this installment its not even funny. And what really gets to me is why Stevie Rae's relationship to Bird Boy (I forget his name and honestly I don't see any point in trying to remember it) is sort of blessed by Nyx and Zoey (who I'm starting to believe is Nyx because almost as many people kiss her butt as Nyx) Neferet's relationship with the white bull isn't. And I'm pretty sure she's having a relationship with him. I think they said something about the bull being her consort. I'm not sure. Once again, I get confused with this shit. The point is, if one animal human relationship is given approval as much as it disgusts me (and it really disgusts me) the other animal human relationship should be looked at the same way. But seriously, why hasn't anyone reported the Casts to PETA? This shit makes my eyes bleed. I am never going to look at bulls and ravens the same way again and I can only imagine how mentally scarred a pre-teen would be.5) Half of the time I start wondering why even have the boarding school? What purpose does it serve? They don't learn anything except some weird sex ed class about imprinting. And then it makes me wonder why any parent would let their kids read this. And then I remember the EW interview where PC Cast states that it wasn't for her daughter these books would even be more graphic. And then I go EW!6) Why do the Casts think that anyone who has an accent has improper grammar? Is it that difficult to realize that people from other parts of the world might talk different than you but still write correct sentences? 7) Why do these books always end like an episode of Captain Planet. Seriously, there's earth, fire, wind, water, and...well, there's no heart but there's spirit. And that makes Nyx pop out not Captain Planet. Which is a shame because at this point I really would like CP to come out. Not that I ever liked that show but even that character and his perfume like goddess were more formed than the Cast characters.8) Why do the Casts like Heath so much? And why are they rifting off of Heaven Can Wait. I actually liked that movie now I can't watch it again. And why does Zoey automatically have to know that Amethyst (his new real name is something else that I can't bother to write down) is actually Heath? Doesn't that sort of take out the whole suspense element. Isn't that sort of dumb with three books to go in a series? You know, One Life To Live actually knew how to play the Heaven Can Wait story without it being annoying. And that's saying something because I hated the character Marcie on that show.9) Why do I want to read about some two hundred year old something woman banging the guy who picks up horse manure? Why would any teenager want to read about that? And I don't care if he's apparently still young looking an that he's a hot twenty-seven-year-old it's still boring and gross. But then again, Edward Cullen was looked at as sexy and he's what a hundred. But she's not even a main character and it just wasted page space and it was just. So stupid. Horse manure. Horse manure. How could you fall in love with a guy that smells like shit because he works with shit all day long?10) Why does Zoey end chapters with catchphrases. Does she think she's on Full House?