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Fins Are Forever

Fins Are Forever - Tera Lynn Childs Beach read would describe this book perfectly. It’s pure fluff. I liked how Childs decided to go more into Lily’s land life in this book while the first book seemed to be more devoted to her life at sea. However, even thought the majority of this novel takes place on land, we still get to visit Lily’s mermaid kingdom as well and Childs’ succeeds once again in her vivid descriptions. I especially like how she delves into the origins of mermaids in the latter part of the book. I also liked how Dosina, a.k.a. Lily’s bratty cousin, played a more prominent role in this book. Doe is a great character.Best Feature: World Builder. Tera excels at world building. This was my favorite part of Forgive My Fins and naturally it’s my favorite part of the sequel as well. I think the vivid descriptions that were used made the book appear to be more real.Worst Feature: Unresolved issues. Though most of the storylines were properly finished in the book, I wished for a bit more resolution when it came to Lily and her academic future. I was really rooting for the girl to do well on her SATs throughout the book, so she’d get into college at the end of the book. However, we never exactly find out if Lily is able to achieve her college dreams. In fact, I’d say the outlook doesn’t look so good given the fact that Lily sort of missed an important interview. To see Full Review Click here: http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/2011/06/fins-are-forever-tera-lynn-childs.html