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Evermore (Immortals Series #1)

Evermore - Alyson Noel To see full review which includes a "special" song click hereIn an undisclosed location twenty feet below the Earth: There's a room with several too perfect to be real but they don't realize it looking girls. All of them have different stages of moodiness on their faces. And all are special. A blonde girl wearing a My Little Pony hoodie suddenly appears out of nowhere blinking.Bethany Church: OOH, a new one. Can she be my roommate, please? Please? Please?Zoey Redbird: Uh, no. I wanna roommate. I'm a special dark priestess. I deserve a roommate. Um, what's your name?The Blonde: Um, Ever Bloom.Zoey : (Snorts) Ever Bloom? That's your name. Are you serious?Luce Price: You're one too talk, Zoey Redbird.Zoey : Hey, don't knock my name. It's a Cherokee name. It shows that I am exotic and special.Helen Hamilton: Everyone's special. Bethany : That doesn't make sense, if that's the case we're not really that special. I mean, isn't special suppose to mean unique?Luce Price: I think. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention in English class my attention was focused on Daniel. He's the best boy in the world.Ever : Um, no you're wrong. That would go to Damen. Seriously, that's show love at first site is suppose to be. Though I don't know if he really loves me there are...Helen : Complications? We've all been there. See, I thought my love interest (well, one of them) was my brother? Apparently, that's not as unique as a situation as it seems. Is it, Clary?Clary Fray: Jace wasn't my brother. Well, not biologically. He could technically be my step brother, I think. God, I'm confused.Ever : Um, I thought this was suppose to be about me.Clary: What made you special?Ever : Well, let's see, my family died in front of me.Nora Grey: My dad was murdered.Clary : My mom was kidnapped by my psychotic dad.Kaila: My dad was an alien.Bethany : How is that even relevant? I can top them all though, I don't have a family. Not a traditional family.Ever : Back to me. That's nice and all, but I bet the death of your love ones didn't cause weird psychic powers to emerge or caused you to move to a different state to live with your weirdo aunt. Well, she's not that weird but seriously...I need to be loved and all she does is work and...Nora: Patch did sort of appear in my life because of my dad.Clary I needed Jace to help find my mom.Kaila: My dad was an alien.Bethany Church: Who the heck are you?Zoey: Who died and made you moderator, Bethany? If anyone should be moderator it should be me?(Suddenly the room grows cold as a bright white light feels the room and a perfect looking but slightly average (we have to say that to please the every girl's self esteem) comes in the room).Everyone save for Ever : Bella Freaking Swan-Cullen.Bella Swan-Cullen: Yes, it is I, the original of the specials. Here to induct are newest member. So tell me child, what sort of plot does your book have?Ever: Um, plot? I'm sad. I wear hoodies a lot. I know I should wear something different but....Bella Swan-Cullen: That's perfect.Ever: Really, I thought people liked plot. That's what I saw on the reviews I've read about my story at least.Bella: Who cares about reviews? I get terrible reviews all the time, but does it look like it hurt me any. I got five movies, a baby who behaves like an angel, and Edward. And everyone wants an Edward.Ever: Damen's better.Bella (laughs and smiles at Ever like isn't she cute) Oh, dear. Tell me is this Damen mysterious? Has a past? Did you meet him in biology class?Ever: English.Bella: That's quaint. See, Edward's mysterious too and met me in biology class.Ever: So?Bella: It's what I'm trying to tell you. You're a rip off.Ever: I am not. I am uniquely original.Bella: I know because I am uniquely special.Ever: I don't understand...I don't.Bella: Of course you don't. Children.All Bella Rip Offs: Yes, mother dearest...Ever: You're not my mother.Bella: Really? Would you have existed if I didn't?Ever: I don't...Bella: Okay, let's talk about similarities. You moved to a new town. I moved to a new town. You met your boyfriend in class. I met my boyfriend in class. You moved in with a distant relative, I moved in with a distant relative. Well, my dad but I talk to him about as much as you talk to your aunt. Must I continue?Ever: So what if that's a coincidence? You can't see people's auras or read their thoughts.Bella: My boyfriend can read people's thoughts.Ever: My boyfriend can live forever.Bella (starts laughing): Oh, you make this way too easy.....Frames out and goes back to the regular blog.So yeah, Evermore total Twilight Saga knock off that rips into hoodies. Not that interesting, folks. It also doesn't help that Ever's a bit of a bitch that judges everyone. Then again, all Bella Wannabes are. I'd like to tell you I finished this one, but I didn't. If I was to rate it it would probably get no stars. Because there's really nothing I liked about it except for Disney Land. And Disney Land can only take one so far.Disclaimer: I own none of the characters that are used in this blog entry. They all belong to their respective authors. I am merely using them to show the phenomenon better known as the Bella rip off. Characters used:Bella Swan (Twilight Saga) by Stephenie MeyerEver Bloom (Evermore) by Alyson NoelBethany Church (Halo Trilogy) by Alexandra AdornettoZoey Redbird (House of Night) by PC and Kristin CastLuce Price (Fallen) by Lauren KateHelen Hamilton (Starcrossed) by Josephine AngeliniClary Fray (The Mortal Instruments) by Cassadra ClareKaila (Starseed) by Liz GruderNora Gray (Hush Hush Saga) by Becca Fitzpatrick