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Put a Ring on It :The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot

The Bride Wore Size 12 - Meg Cabot

I needed to be cheered up a little bit this week and luckily for me Meg Cabot had a new book out.

I'll admit it, one of the reasons I am still a Cabot fan to this day is you can't help but smile when you read her work.  Even the worst book I've read by her still makes me crack a smile.


I'll have to say after the last installment I was sort of skeptical about this one.
It wasn't that I hated the last book, it was just that...well, I could care less about hearing songs about drinking period blood. In other words, some of the jokes were just a bit immature for my taste. 
Luckily, this one upped the ante and I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, there were still quite a few immature moments, but they didn't make up the majority of the book.  I have to say, it helped that two of the biggest offenders on the immaturity were relegated to only twenty or thirty or so pages in this book.  And thank God, it was no longer the Tania Trace show.
The story goes back to where it should be about: Heather being Heather and Cooper being hot as ever. Though I  will say, I wish he could've been in the book more.  But when he did appear, he and Heather.  Well, they're perfect together.
It's weird, I've been reading Meg Cabot books since I was thirteen an I still haven't found anyone who can right as good as fluff as she can.  Oh, there are some contenders, but when Cabot is on she is on.  And she's on here.  Even though Heather and Cooper have been together for two books now, their interactions are still great and Cabot doesn't have them just be purely physical like other authors go towards once the ship gets a sailing.  You still sense the chemistry between these two when they interact and that's something that is ridiculously hard to do.
I also liked the plot in this one.  The mystery, though pretty standard, still was engaging enough and I liked the fact that it involved a prince.  It was almost a throwback to Cabot's famous Princess Diaries series, but Mia wasn't there.  Man, I wish she would transfer to New York College though, I could only imagine her freaking out about the various deaths that went on in the dorm.  Then again, I doubt Phillipe Renaldo probably would allow his daughter to live in a dorm where multiple murders have been committed. 
Though we do get a cameo appearance from another beloved Cabot character which had me squeal in glee.  Grant it, it was only a line or two.
I really do feel that as far as character development goes that Heather has evolved as a character.  She did develop a backbone here and it was sort of refreshing.  Though I really didn't see any purpose for her mother except for shock value.  That whole subplot just didn't work for me, but it was really insignificant enough where you could just sort of shrug it off.
What my biggest issue with this-really with a lot of Cabot's writing is that sometimes she can sound a bit like a PSA.  Let me be honest, the information that she does talk about is very helpful and people should know it.  But sometimes trying to put this information in fiction doesn't work.  Like the situation that they're talking about, I really don't think it was necessary for the characters to talk into such detail about some things when the character hadn't even talked to her own husband about it.  I think just leaving it at you have options would've been enough.  Going into more details and you sort of polarize about half of your audience.
It's not expected though, for  me at least.  Being a self declared Cabot fan girl I've seen this quirk of hers before.  Most notably in her book Ready or Not which is really just one big PSA about safe sex in a book.  However, unlike Ready or Not, The Bride Who Size 12 is saved because it has a plot besides these messages and it's really, really, good.  
Overall: This book is good fluffy fun.  Yes, there were a few bits and pieces of it that annoyed me, but it was a far improvement from the previous installment of the series and I can recommend it to Cabot fans and fluff fans with little reservations. 
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