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First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover - Mitali Perkins I really wanted to like this book and I think I would've if I wasn't spoon fed the moral of this story. That it's important to be yourself. This was basically reiterated throughout the entire book and it got really stale after the first three pages. I wish Sparrow would've been more fleshed out. Had other conflicts in her life, but nope it's all about how her dad's evil publicist is trying to make her into Sammy instead ofSparrow. Even her blogging skills are lackluster and comes off as fake. You can totally tell the author is trying to be "hip" . There are points of the book that I can't tell if Sparrow is supposed to be twelve or forty. I think if Perkins wouldn't have tried so hard to make Sparrow come off as a teen it would've made the book so much better. Best Feature: Diversity: I love that Sparrow isn't your cookie cutter president's kid (i.e. she's adopted and is from Pakistan). This is a huge plus and was one of the things that actually drew me into the book itself. I thought it would add extra dimension to the book and in a way it did. However, there were points it just seemed like this aspect was hammered into the reader's head rather than just being a part of who Sparrow is. Worse Feature: Too Young or too Old?: Sparrow seems much younger than she's supposed to be. To be frank, often the writing felt forced. Maybe it would've helped had the book been written in first person, but I've read plenty of third person novels where I can connect to the character. I never really could connect to Sparrow. Not even in her blog posts. She just seemed to simply be regurgitating a message that Perkins wants to get across which can get very annoying. Arguably books are supposed to get messages across, but I don't think it needs to be slapped in one's face. Plus, I can't help saying this but could Perkins have cared to be non-partisian. I'm not stating what political affiliation I am, but I can see this book polarizing a good half of the USA. And yes, I know that the president is more than likely to be either Democrat or Republican, but there are ways you could've avoided having to put a label on Sparrow's father's political party. To See Full Review Click Here: http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/2012/03/first-daughter-extreme-american.html