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Is Armentrout a Phole Shipper?: Unchained by J Lynn (Jennifer L Armentrout)

Unchained  - J. Lynn

If I had to nitpick at Jennifer L Armentrout (or in this case J Lynn's) writing it would be that I've sort of seen what she's writing before. 

Don't give me wrong, I for the most part, love her stuff.  I think she creates awesome characters and pretty interesting plots, but those plots.  Yeah, been there done that.

Unchained is no exception to this norm.  It has wonderful characters but the plot is a bit of a snore.  Let's discuss shall we.

1) It involves Nephilims.

You can insert groaning right there.  For me I don't mind Nephilims for the most part.  I think if done right a Nephilim book can be an interesting concept.  But to do it correctly you have to have a lot of originality.  And a lot of time that just doesn't happen.  Here, the Nephilim idea isn't really ever that fully developed and while the basic idea sounded sort of cool it sort of fell flat.


2) We have a Spunky!  special badass heroine.

Okay, I personally like tough girl characters.  But hearing about how some Amy Adams look alike can kick butt for the seventeenth million times.  And for that matter, I have a difficult time believing a 5'3 girl can kick a 6'6 foot guys ass.


I'm 5'4.  I carry pepper spray with me because I know I won't be able to kick butt like Phoebe Halliwell.  I have given up on those fantasies.  Alas, Jennifer L Armentrout has not.

3) She's in love with a "bad guy".

Speaking of Phoebe Halliwell, the relationship between Lily and Julian reminded me of the relationship of Phoebe and Cole-save for the fact Julian hasn't gone crazy yet and Lily hasn't turned into a total bitch.  That was probably my favorite thing about this book was this dynamic.  Yes, it was a cliche.  But I was able to get Phole again-well, a book version of Phoe and it also helped that I imagine Julian looking a bit like Chris Hemsworth and that's always helpful.

4) Their relationship is forbidden.

Yes, we get to hear this old garbage again.  What's really ridiculous is that Lily's an adult.  She should just tell her pseudo family/coworkers to shove it and screw who she likes.  But for drama's sake, this has to be an issue.  Once again, this is just to pigeon hole into the usual angel book formula and it's something that Armentrout should avoid becuase really if it wasn't for the cliches she probably would be getting fan girled over right now.

5) Having sex will destroy the world (or something).

Seriously, why is this always an issue?

Why does sex always have to cause nasty side effects in these sort of books.  If the characters have safe sex then they should be allowed to have sex if they want to with no supernatural consequences.

Thank you, Stephenie Meyer for making this an annoying trope in the paranormal genre.  Though it can probably be traced back to someone else, but you created the original demon baby, so you're getting faulted here.


6)Our heroine  has a tragic backstory and there's some added mystery to it to give her an edge.

Dead families=instant sympathy=instant groan for me.

Really, what's wrong giving a paranormal slightly dysfunctional family.

7) She has an ABC Family family.

And I'm not talking about the makeshift ABC Family we have here where everyone that's not your family is your family.  That doesn't count.  Especially when you know half of that family is screwing you (sometimes even literally, not here thankfully though).

8) Everyone in the world wants her gone.

Ten million bad guys and they all have their death ray on Lily.  Is it that much to ask that she's not the main target.  All the freaking time.

Some bad ass bad angel fighter you.  Then again, you look like Amy Adams.

9) She and the hero having amazing sex the first time they do it-despite almost destroying the world.

Why are the first times always great in these books.  I get it happens like this in every romance novel especially if you add the supernatural element that gives the perfect love like quality.  But it gets annoying and fast.  I also can barely tolerate Armentrout's sex scenes.  It's not like they're extremely graphic or anything, but I hate how she describes everyone's anatomy as sex and it just oozes cheese and... if you can't use penis or vagina then you have no business writing about it.

10) The main character is judgmental, but instead of getting called on it, the hot bad guy just shrugs.

Yeah, I always hate those endings in YA/NA/PNR books where the MC's get away with being a total tool to the hero.  It happens here.  All I have to say is why, why? 

I'm giving this an average rating.  I didn't hate this book by any means, but it didn't wow me.  I'll soon forget about it.   This wasn't the worst Armentrout book I've ever read, but it wasn't her best by any means either.

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