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What Happens When You Listen to Way Too Much Taylor Swift

Remembrance - Michelle Madow

Sigh…I was excited about reading Remembrance.  This series is one of the few Cinderella stories you get in the Indy and I wanted to love it because of that.  However, I just couldn’t help but grown at how cliche the whole book ended up being.

Remember that Taylor Swift Song, “Love Story“?


If you hadn’t heard it basically the gist is that you get to see Taylor Swift’s idea of Romeo and Juliet.  If you guessed that Taylor Swift is one of the many people that thinks the story has a happy ending because she didn’t actually take time to read the play or watch the movie that you’re right.  Michelle Madow was so impressed with this music video (probably because it has pretty dresses) that she decided to write a book about it.


Only Romeo and Juliet is replaced with freaking Pride and Prejudice and the conflict between our characters is equally lame.


Obviously, Madow hasn’t read Pride and Prejudice if she thinks that Darcy and Elizabeth’s love story is remotely similar to that of Romeo and Juliet.  Unless Mr. Darcy suddenly turned into an idiot.  Which last time I read, I don’t think he did.  But anyway…that’s the general gist of this story.  And I think it should give you an idea of why it’s so stupid.


I’ll be frank, I really don’t like ripping into books.  I know that sounds shocking since it seems like every review I do is a rant.  But let me tell you a dirty little secret, I am a rooter for underdogs.  Books that shouldn’t be good, I like giving them a try.  But usually I have fair notice what I’m getting into.  With this one not so much.  It had gotten good buzz which is why Im sort of shocked I feel so meh about it.


While it wasn’t exactly one of the worst books I’ve ever read, it wasn’t exactly a pleasurable let alone memorable experience.  The book suffered from a plethora of YA cliches.  The main character, Liz, sort of reminded me of Hillary Duff’s character in A Cinderella Storynice enough, but boring as hell.  She was really as generic as they come.


Then there’s the love interests.  Her current boyfriend, Jeremy, is obviously going to get dumped that it’s not even funny that the reader has to suffer through Liz idiotically realizing he treats her like shit.  And the other guy, Drew, isn’t that much better.  Even though Madow tries to use every YA cliche in the book to make you think otherwise.

I really get annoyed with that.  The over use of cliches.  I understand that Madow wanted the audience to like Drew and Liz together, but the way Madow took towards this was just a bunch of cheap shots.  I just couldn’t like them.  Maybe if I hadn’t read several of these books where the situation played out the way it did here, I could get into it.  But because it was something that I read several times before I just couldn’t help but groan.


Groaning probably could’ve summed up my experiences with this book perfectly.  


There really wasn’t anything about this book that I hadn’t seen before.  And there was nothing special about the characterization or anything to make me swoon over the romance that was going on.  It was just blah.


And honestly, it borderline made me angry with the various character assassinations that were done so that Liz and Drew could get together.


The sad thing about this particular book is that I don’t have a lot to talk about.  I’m just ranting about the typical tropes about YA and that the book is boring.  I really can’t discuss anything else because there’s nothing to talk about.  The plot was scant at best and was more or less a teenage fantasy written down in paper.  Which is really a shame because with a cover like that and a book that is about reincarnation, you’d think it would have an exciting.  But nope, someone listened to way too much Taylor Swift.