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I'm Not Easy to Please

Easy - Tammara Webber

Easy is one of those new adult books that has received hype filled reviews that I just had to review it, even though NA is a genre that annoys the heck out of me.

Did it live up to it’s hype?


Once again, the answer is yes and no.


If we’re just comparing it to the rest of the substandard genre that in New Adult, it was fantastic.  Unlike most of these romances, there is actually a relationship built between Jacqueline and Lucas.  And Lucas, for the most part, didn’t act like a dickwad (I know, truly amazing for a NA book).  That being said, if you just look at the book as a book it hardly stands out at all.  And I found a few points to bitch at.


Yeah, I know.  I almost always bitch at something.  I’m sorry.  I over analyze things.  It’s one of the many reasons I went to law school besides the fact I like to complain, yell at people, and be viewed as an evil person by the majority of Americans.  Oh, and I’m a Slytherin.


Babbling aside, this book really did have some problems.


The biggest being that Shreveport, Louisiana was described as a romantic getaway.  Um, no.  I went to Shreveport last weekend since my sister was playing a gig there and it sucked.  Save for the fact I won eighty bucks in one of the casinos with a friend.  But that still sucked because we lost eighty bucks as well.  And the only place to halfway eat there is a Krispy Cream Donuts.  And while I like donuts, they don’t make a balance diet and if I don’t eat something with sustenance I get a headache.

Man, I am really off topic in this review.


The point is, it was little fact checking things like this that made me go postal when reading this book.  Another example, Jacqueline was a music major.  Yet she hardly seems to be taking music major classes. And she seems to have a ton of free time.  I know she wasn’t at a conservatory, but even state music programs are grueling programs.  Especially music ed.  The fact that she has time to take an Economics and Art History course during her junior year has me raising my eyebrows.  Though I did love how Webber did mention the fact that you have to sign up for practice times.  That’s true in a lot of schools these days (though most people just end up practicing in their dorm).  I also had to roll my eyes at her transferring so late in the game.  Most people would’ve just waited till they went to grad school to go to a conservatory if they were in her position-it’s cheaper that way too since you don’t have to repeat every course.  Plus, with a state school you’re actually forced to take cores so you get a legitimate degree if you ever decide you hate playing your instrument.

Once again, I’m digressing.  Probably because I could relate to this part and Webber got some facts wrong.


You know, if it were only these two things that bothered me about the book I would’ve given it a higher rating.  I really would’ve.  I’ll be the first to admit that I like to nit pick.  But it wasn’t just minute details about sucky Shreveport and a music education degree that seemed more like a Mrs. degree that had me fuming, it was how the whole rape plot was handled.


Parts of it were handled quite well.  I liked the fact that Webber kept reminding the audience that it was not Jacqueline’s fault what happened to her and anyone else.  But, and it’s a big but, I thought everything was a bit over dramatic.  Take Buck’s character.  Yes, I get he’s a rapist.  But he just seemed to be characterized as a rapist.  There was nothing else behind his motivations-other than he wanted to screw Kennedy one over by screwing Jacqueline.  I honestly would’ve liked to see him more fleshed out.  As much as I hate to say it, rapists  aren’t one dimensional monsters.  And that’s what I think what makes them truly scary, that they have sides of them that you’d think oh this person isn’t the scum of the earth.  Some of the most disgusting people can be charming, but Buck was characterized as being a sex fiend.  Only his fellow frat boys said he was a good old boy.  I just wish Webber would’ve showed that side a little more.


I also thought that Lucas’s whole backstory with the rape was a little too much.  While I get how it tied up everything it just seemed a little too neat-in a grisly type way.  And way too convenient.  But once again, new adult and convenient are synonymous with each other so I can’t complain about that that much.


Though the eyes were rolling, people.


I think the best thing about this book was the relationship between Jacqueline and Lucas.  It wasn’t insta love.  And they didn’t screw each other like bunnies before Christmas and break up like in typical NA fashion.  It seemed realistic enough.  Though it was sort of creepy that Lucas didn’t outright admit he was Landon from the start, but when you’re dealing with the likes of Travis Maddox the guy gets a break.


If your fans of the New Adult genre, by all means give this one a try.  I didn’t find it to be as spectacular as some people described it, but I didn’t outright hate it.  For what it is, it’s pretty decent.