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In Which I Wonder How Mermaids go to the Loo

Pretty in Pearls - Tera Lynn Childs

This is actually part of a double feature on my blog.


Oh, boy.  As much as I enjoyed Goddess in Time, I can’t say that I enjoyed this one.   I will give it props for one thing though, I like how the title plays on one of my favorite  films.


Okay, I said my obligated one nice thing about this novella.

Dear freaking lord.


Did I skim this series?


If the world building from this one is any indication I have.


Which makes me so freaking mad because I have recommended this series to a lot of people and now I’m just getting icky feelings from that.


I’ll admit, the Fins series has always been my least favorite series by Childs, even though I love mermaids (thank you Prince Eric).  There was always something that was just very immature about the series.  For awhile I thought maybe it’s just because the books were targeted at a younger audience, but it’s YA.  Just as YA as Tera’s other books, but they just seem younger.  And the main character is just so dumb in the series.  So, I thought maybe reading  a novella in her best friend’s POV might not be a bad thing.


Until I found that Peri is worse than Lily and likes jackasses to boot who’s name sounds like it’s an acid reflex drug.


Oh, yes, Prilsoec, you’re so sexy when I take you to keep myself from throwing up my lunch.  Okay, his name isn’t Prilosec, but Riatus is almost as bad if you think about it.  Seriously, you really have to wonder about those mermaids and those names.

Though considering that they eat raw pizza dough it’s probably not that big of a stretch that they have horrible taste in names.


Yes, I said raw pizza dough.  Because there’s no other explanation how a pizza parlor operates under the sea since you can’t very well have an oven in the deep blue sea (really hope they have good plumbing). Much like you can’t give yourself curls under water too.  Don’t believe me, watch Elle Woods’ excellent cross examination.


And why do mermaids need dresses?  I mean, that fabric has to get heavy under the sea.  Ariel certainly slipped off that dress of hers pretty fast.  Though King Triton seemed to give her one later on that she had no problem walking in, maybe that’s the material Perry’s mom invested in.


All in all, the biggest problem I had with this one was that it was just stupid and there was nothing really that great about it that made it stood out.  Perri was blah as can be, unlike Nicole who I loved in Goddess in Time.  She falls prey to lots of YA tropes and the plot is just droll.


The basic plot good girl falls in love with another bad boy with a record.  But this one is a merman and he lacks the requisite tattoos.  Big freaking deal. We don’t even really know why the dweeb is in jail (probably for causing too many side effects for people who take that particular brand of acid reflux medicine).


Overall, it really wasn’t worth the two dollars.  I don’t think I got anything out of the book except for maybe a couple of eye rolling moments and some really strange thoughts about mermaid food poisoning.


If you’re a fan of the series, stick to the original books.  I’m still recommending them, even though I’m more reluctant about it than I was before.  I do think for young fans of the genre, it’s something safe to read.  However, it (and particular this bonus) are filled to the brim with cheese.  And while I used to be able to handle cheese, I just can’t these days.

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