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Goddess in Time - Tera Lynn Childs

This is actually part of a double review with Childs other novel, Pretty in Pearls to see both click on the link.


I actually liked this novella a lot.


I’ve always been a big fan of Tera’ Oh My Gods series and was sad that it ended when it had so much potential.  Luckily, she was given the opportunity to carry the story on in a novella.  And I do think this is one of those rare exceptions where the novella actually worked.


The storyline and history behind Nicole’s origins is actually quite good.  I liked reading about that, as for her quest to gain the power to go back in time.  The descriptions of the various gods palaces worked quite nicely and I liked the weird maybe nods to Tera’s other series that were put in these scenes too.  It’s sort of cool thinking that maybe all of Childs books connect, but its not done in an obnoxious Cassandra Clare type of way. There’s still an air of mystery about it where they may or  may not be connected.


The fact she continued the story with Nicole instead of Phoebe was also a nice change of pace.  Unlike the other novella of Childs where the change of narrator actually turned out not to be a good thing, since her character was also featured heavily in the first two books.


The biggest strength, as I said before, was probably that Childs stuck to the good old reliable quest formula.  Honestly, for a novella you sort of want to be formulaic because it helps with the limited amount of plot space.  The only problem was that once the actual getting time powers quest was over, the latter half of the book seemed paced ridiculously fast.


Overall though, I don’t regret getting this one.  It might be cheesy and predictable, but it was an interesting read.  In general, I like that Tera doesn’t take such a dark take on  Greek Mythology.  While I enjoy books such as Antigoddess and Everneath, sometimes having a light hearted take out of something can be refreshing.

Source: http://howdyyal.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/a-tale-of-two-novellas-goddess-in-time-and-pretty-in-pearls-by-terra-lynn-childs