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73%: The cheetah ate your Finger like the dingo ate my baby

Fire & Flood  - Victoria Scott

You'd really expect that this part would be played up with more drama than comedy.  Really, I don't see why they're acting so lackadaisical about it.  Her finger was just eaten by a cheetah.  And really, why just the finger, cheetah.  You're a carnivore you can go for the jugular.  


Also, I'd like to point out that people on the Oregon Trail were able to survive snakebites with the amount of supplies the numbskulls had with their fingers still in tact.  Man, MECC really did teach me some things.  Like how if you rest nine days from the Measles you'll be well and how if you don't buy any food a local Native American will help you find berries...those were the days.