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18% I just really don't like this book

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

1) It's pressing a lot of buttons.  Being an introvert, I don't like being constantly tole that Juliette is being evil for not trying to make friends.  Her not wanting to socialize actually makes sense on a lot of levels.  And when people try to force socialization on another person I just want to force the bloody extrovert to read a book.


2) Juliette is a whiny ass.  Stop with the crossing out shit, self pity, and being an obnoxious bitch.  It's not the fact that you don't have friends that bothers me, it's how you constantly whine.


3) That this is essentially X-Men set in a dystopia world and instead of being bad ass Rouge is lame, lame, lame.


4) Mafi's writing.  Dear fucking lord.  The good thing is I'm going to attempt her style in the review and I think at the very least it will be fucking hilarious (for me) to write.  That is if I don't kill myself for writing stupid similes and over dramatic descriptions.