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Swan Song More Like Swan Squack

Feather Bound - Sarah Raughley

First of all, credit where it’s due.  I want to thank Netgalley for the opportunity for reading this book.  And now here’s the disclaimer of how being given the very generous opportunity to review this book did not effect my opinion of this book.

Neither did the beautiful cover.


Really, whoever designed this cover should be give accolades.  It’s the best thing about this book.  I really love how it looks.  It shows that the whole dress thing still has clout in the industry.


So good for you cover people. You get an A.



And now, it’s time to actually review this book.


Oh, boy.  I wish I could provide all you dear readers with good news that I loved this book to pieces.  But instead, I’m going to provide you with a drinking game.

I know, a drinking game that doesn’t involve House of Night or Tiger’s Curse and it’s on a Monday the worst (or best, depending on how you view it) night to get sloshed.

First of all take a drink every time you think girls turning into swans and molting is ridiculous.  And no, it does not involve ballet or tutus so there’s not even that to fall back on.


And now after that initial shot of whiskey you can read the rest of the book without wanting to bang your head against your desk.  Oh, you’ll still want to kill yourself but at least the pain of reading this book will sort of be numb.  Oh, wait the booze won’t hit you in the opening when you meet our precious Mary Sue who has the tragic home life complete with the dead mother, two sisters who are so fucked up they could care less about her, and she’s such a poor little girl surrounded by billionaires.  And her dead billionaire boyfriend isn’t as dead as she thought he was.



I should mention he was nine when they first started dating.


Honestly, the opening sort of gave me deja vu.  I’ve seen plenty  of fan fics  and bad books with similar openings.  And it didn’t help that there was a line about imprinting thrown in there too-though not Twilight Saga type of imprinting if that’s what you’re worried about.


I was really hoping that the cliche beginning though would get better.  Or at least I’d get drunk enough to ignore it while to enjoy the rest of the story but no…


What I got was a bunch of insipid characters.  And a plot that made little to no sense.

So we have our main character, Dee, who’s about as dumb as a box of rocks.  Besides having an extremely Mary Sue backstory (I mean, how many girls are going to have a Bruce Wayne/Edward Cullen wannabe fall head over heals in love with them) she’s ridiculously stupid.  Girl doesn’t think.  And every excuse she makes for her actions just has me shaking my head and saying what are you doing.




That’s never a good thing when you’re reading.


Or when you roll your eyes at how cringe worthy the hero was.


Because that’s what Hyde is: cringe worthy.  There was nothing truly spectacular about him that made me get the appeal.  He was pretty bland and the oh so romantic things he did were about as romantic as Uncle Joey on Full House.


Note, I said Uncle Joey NOT Uncle Jesse-who even though still lame, is far less lame than Uncle Joey was.  Hence, why he was the only person in that ridiculously over stuffed San Francisco house that’s probably breaking a dozen building codes to get laid.


And yes, I think mariachi bands playing outside a girl’s room-a girl who is obviously ignoring you for over a week-is pretty lame.


Couldn’t you, I don’t know go out there yourself with a boom box?


Obviously, Hyde never had time to watch Say Anything while in France or any 80′s movie for that matter.



The villain in this book was just sadistic to the point of unrealistic.  While I am glad a YA book finally had the guts to talk about a topic as serious as human trafficking, I really wish this book would’ve taken a more realistic approach.  And yes, I know it involved swan people and that anything involving something paranormal isn’t exactly going to be realistic, but I wish there were some ounces of realism here.  The best paranormal books, I find are often more realistic.  It makes the paranormal event stand out.

Here, other than people growing feathers that can be used to enslave them.  Pretty much the paranormal is just sort of there in the books.  The world building really is little to nothing.  Other than people randomly growing feathers and then simultaneously molting.  We get no background-well, the fifty-four percent of the novel that I read.


Yes. there was no backstory to this.  And yes, I DNF’d it.


I really wanted to finish this one guys.  When I saw it on Netgalley I requested it without much thought because since I saw that cover and read that summary I wanted to read this book.  But it was just so poorly executed and so illy constructed I just had to stop before I drank myself to having alcohol poisoning because that’s what that book did to me.  If I took a sip for every time Dee had a pity party or her boy toy was described as handsome or rich.  I’d be dead right now.


Book, you fail (F).