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If Dorothy Is a Witch All You Need is a House

Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige

Fact: My sister was so scared of The Wizard of Oz that she almost deprived me of the experience of watching said film when I was a kid.


ill my mother told her to get over herself (ice cream helped too).



I, on the other hand, loved that movie.  I still watch it when it airs on TBS in the fall every single year and I have to say I was excited about Dorothy Must Die even though it’s through a packaging company owned by someone that Oprah went nuclear on TV.

When Oprah goes nuclear on you, you know you have issues.


Just my humble opinion though.


I still gave the book a try though because the premises looked awesome, but unlike everyone else and their mother I didn’t love this one.  I didn’t even really like it, to be honest.  Though admittedly it wasn’t horrible.


I just felt like I was being manipulated.


Take the main character: I feel like se was given pink hair, a trashy family life, and a spunky! attitude, so I could easily look over the fact that she’s sort of stupid in her decision making.  Yes, I appreciated the fact she wasn’t all bad ass!  But God, Amy really had some dumb dumb moments.  And God, she sure got competent (well, YA competent) fast.  To be fair though, she wasn’t the worst heroine I ever read about in YA.  She wasn’t obsessed over a guy and she had a good heart.  And I understand why she was dumb as a box of rocks in a lot of regards, but she did annoy me.


Sort of like the other characters in here.  Their characterization made sense, but they annoyed me.  You had the potential love interest, who seems like he’s a mini-Wolverine without the claws, healing factor, or ridiculous outfit.  Then you had Amy’s rag band of friends.  Which besides the monkeys, really weren’t that memorable-probably because they kept getting killed off.  Then there was the villains.


Let’s just say that Dorothy, in this book, gets her clothes at the Katz gift shop that’s next to the Walmart where I live where everyone gets mugged/the police broke up a local prostitution ring.  I’m not joking about this, this actually happened where I lived, save for the fact that Dorothy didn’t actually shop at Katz.



But she would’ve.  If it was the Dorothy from this book.


Um, I’m sorry but villains (good villains) aren’t really concerned about having their ass and titties hanging out.  They spend their time being evil and really they don’t want embarrassing pictures of themselves showing up on the internet.  Well, nothing is every really elaborated on the way Dorothy is dressed (a.k.a. further slut slamming) there was sort of the not so subtle message that bad people dress like skanks.  

Complete with a jerky evil pregnant teen wearing a midriff at the beginning of the book.






This sort of shit really annoys me.


One thing I will give this book, is that for the most part it focused more on the book version of Oz more than the movie.  Save for one big important fact.  Dorothy’s shoes in the book are silver NOT red.  I really don’t know why this would be ignored.  I mean, they got it right on the cover.  Unless only the heels of the shoes were red, but unless they were Louboutins.  But I think its the sole, not the heel that’s red.  Whatever…maybe it’s different in Oz.


Overall, I liked how there were these little nods to the actual Oz books.  I think people often forget that there’s more than one of these books.  So, I liked that this book does acknowledge them.  But other than…shrugs.

The overall set up is pretty glum and doom.  Dorothy has turned Oz into this apocalyptic cesspool that is your fairly typical YA dystopia world but complete with flying monkeys.  Of course, our fair heroine finds herself being Katniss without the bow. And with pink hair.


Yeah, I’ll admit I sort of was down for that set up.  Especially since it gave me flashbacks to that 80′s Return to Oz movie.  However, overall it was sort of a yawn.

And I felt like the big Oz characters were only there to sell the book.  I mean, yeah I get Dorothy was evil and had changed after she returned to Oz.  But how did she become evil?


Oh, wait that’s for the sequel…


I really need to get a brain.


And a heart too, I guess since I just didn’t like this one.  I just couldn’t be swayed.  I guess someone has to be a Grumpy Cat when it comes to this book and I guess that person is going to be me.  Really, I just wasn’t impressed.  Other authors have taken this story and adapted it into some great things.  Look at Wickedboth the book and broadway version.  That play took Oz and elaborated on it.  Here I mostly feel like Oz was used more or less to shove another YA dystopia with some Kill Bill down my throat.  It wasn’t bad, per say, but what could’ve made it great was never really explored.


Even if I was a spineless coward I would have no qualms with my feelings for this one.  Overall rating, a solid C/C+.  It was fine, but no surprises.  There are going to be a lot of fangirls for this series and I’ll probably continue it (but through the library or an ARC if I’m lucky enough).

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