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Based On This Book I Could be a Lady Detective

Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout

When I was a kid I always wanted to be Nancy Drew.  I mean, most sixteen to eighteen year-olds (depending on which version of the books you read) don’t get to travel around the world solving mysteries.  Or for that matter have a number of hot guys sniffing around you when you have a lame guy waiting at home for you (seriously, Nancy dump Ned already).  So maybe after reading all those mysteries where Nancy Drew was able to bring down some international gang/murderer/jewel thief I sort of got good at predicting mysteries.  Or maybe it was from watching too much Sherlock.

It really was probably the Sherlock.



The point is, I was able to predict the outcome of Don’t Look Back almost as soon as the culprit was introduced.


That’s not a good a thing.  However, besides that, this is probably the best Armentrout contemporary I read.  Which really isn’t saying that much since the contemporaries I’ve read from her thus far have been pretty god awful and puke inducing.

To be fair though, most of them were New Adult and there’s just something innately puke worthy about that genre.


I think it has to do with the fact that those books often have no plot.


Don’t Look Back though has a plot. A pretty trope worthy plot-a girl wakes up with amnesia and finds out that she’s the only one who knows what happened to her missing friend.  But still, a plot.


To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of amnesia plots.  I think it’s from watching too much daytime TV.  We all know how these shorelines are going to end (at least to a degree) which made Don’t Look Back  sort of snooze worthy.



But as snooze worthy as it might’ve been, it wasn’ terrible. I’ve read worst and that includes books written by other than Armentrout.


To be fair, there are a lot of Armentrout books I like, but for the most part these books have all been paranormal.Her contemporaries fall really flat  for me.

The fact this one had a plot and a main character who didn’t constantly say Sweet Baby Jesus and had a life outside of her love bunny was a plus for me.


And I really did like Sam for the most part.  She wasn’t exactly the best character, but she was tolerable.  I didn’t feel like strangling her every other minute, and I thought her reactions were pretty realistic.  I also liked the juxtaposing  of Past Sam with Blank Slate Sam.  It sort of gives you a need perspective on how someone’s choices and influences can effect their personality.


Additionally, I liked how Sam’s family had an actual role in this story other than being just there.  Though I do think a few of their depictions, especially the mother character were a bit unrealistic.  However, since most of them don’t have that large of a role, I was okay with it.  And yay, for protective brothers in YA.  I almost, sort of, wish there was a spinoff to this one just so Scott could have his own novel.


Then I remember Armentrout’s other spinoffs and shudder.


In all, I enjoyed this book.  It is predictable though and I bet it’s one that I’ll forget about in coming weeks