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Let's Get Drunk

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

Disclaimer: Unless you have a death wish do not actually drink alcohol while attempting to read this book.  Or for that matter you’d probably become over hydrated if you substituted the alcohol for something non-toxic.


Why Did I Decide to Do a Drinking Game: Because Cassie Clare makes me roll my eyes so much I realized if I did something constructive say take a shot of something every time something stupid happened in this book  (which happened a lot) it could actually be enjoyable.  Plus, I was a little annoyed to read this book in a series that really should’ve ended three books ago.



Take a Shot Everytime Clare References Another Shadowhunter Series: Prepared to get hammered on this one alone.  Not only do Infernal Devices characters make an appearance in this gem of a book.  But we also are introduced to brand spanking new Dark Artifices series that’s coming out next year.  I wouldn’t have mind a cameo or two, but there’s so much backstory to these characters that if you don’t read this book before you read that series you’ll be totally lost.  And for that matter, if you don’t read the five books up to this series and probably the Infernal Devices you’ll be somewhat lost. So if you’re interested in Clare’s new series, you have nine books to read .


Take a Shot Every Time Clare attempts to be a weird JK Rowling/Stephenie Meyer hybrid: This is why I always avoid reading Twilight/Harry Potter crossovers.  If Clare was still writing fanfic after Twilight was published, I can almost guarantee you she’d be writing some of these.  This book is really like a weird hybrid of Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows complete with a scene that takes place out of Olivander’s and deranged kiddie vampires.  Fortunately, there is no teenage pregnancy though.  Although…



Take a Shot Every Time You Have a WTF this is YA look Your Face: Clare, you know there are like twelve year olds reading this, right? Seriously, there are more attempted rape scenes than in the last book.  There’s also a lot of consensual action in this book as well.  While no one does the deed on screen in the book, there is one scene that I thought was a little too suggestive to a younger audience.  And this is coming from someone who read her mother’s most raunchiest romances at the ripe old age of twelve.


Take A Shot Every Time Toxic Purple Prose Appears: You’ll be going to the hospital within a hundred pages.  I’d say try to diversify it by only doing  a shot when Clare describes characters.  But still guaranteed hospital business.


Take a Shot Every Time Clare Contradicts Herself: A lot of times I think Clare tries to justify past fallacies by not so subtly changing parts of the story.  There are many instances in City of Heavenly Fire where this happens, but I think one of the most obvious examples is the relationship between Maia and Jordan.  I won’t go into particulars, but the way Clare writes about the relationship is completely different than in the previous installments and just seems like a lame way to rectify what was a horrible relationship to begin with.



Take a Shot Every Time Clare Changes POV With Little To No Transition: Headache, people.  Headache.  In these sorts of scenes I want some transition.  Otherwise, I’m just going to be like what.  Unfortunately, this happens a lot.  It helps if you drink something I noticed.


Take a Shot Every Time You Hear About the Stupid Shadow Hunter Dress Code: Perhaps, Clare should start her own column in Vogue  if she wants to tell us just what the shadow hunters are wearing all the time.


Take a Shot Every Time You Sort of Feel Annoyed Because There’s a Part of You That Enjoys This Series: Yeah, I said it.  Despite it’s stupidity, I did enjoy reading this book.  Clare’s writing might annoy the beejeebes out of me, but there is a quality about it that’s just engaging.  It reads like a pretty decent (not great, mind you) fan fic.  But at the same time, while I enjoy it’s campiness and foulness there are just sometimes I get so annoyed with the book for the same thing.


Overall Thoughts: It was a decent conclusion.  If this would be the end of the Shadlowhunter saga (as I like to call all of Clare’s five hundred trilogies) I would’ve been fine with it.  The fact that Clare is obviously pimping out these other Shadowhunter sagas and sort of keeping some loose ends at the end of this installment to make the audience forced to read her new series just annoys me.


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