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Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles


Carlos Fuentes is probably the biggest asshole out of the Fuentes brothers.





In fact, if you want to have a drinking game for Rules of Attraction, more than likely it would be him being an asshole.  Though you’d probably be dead.


Funny thing, Simone Elkeles drinking games have a tendency of doing that.


Killing any participants of drinking games.



Because everything she does wrong is so over the top wrong.  I almost think she’s unintentionally trolling with these books.



While not as overt with the stereotypes as the other two books in the series, it’s probably the most covert of using horrible stereotypes.  Mainly the fact, that Carlos Fuentes is the definition of a stereotypical Latino Alpha male.  And it sucks big time.


He reminded me a lot of Ramon.




Ramon if he was French and a Disney character.



Who is Ramon, might you ask?  The most egotistical and offensive  contemporary romance novel character I’ve ever made.  But at least Judith McNaught had the excuse of the time period she wrote her book in.



Elkeles doesn’t.



I wondered if she was trying to have an even more jerk of a character than Alex, because if that was the case oh how she did succeed.


Carlos makes Alex look like a gentleman.  And if you’ve read my previous review…well, you know how I feel about Alex.



Apart from Carlos though, this book was better than its predecessor.  Though bland, Kiara wasn’t terrible.  I did think she caved into Carlos a little bit fast, but at least she wasn’t an outright idiot and racist like Brittany.   I also have to begrudgingly say that I liked her family and b.f.f.  Elkeles didn’t completely fail on that part of the novel.


But the whole gang aspect.



It’s just a rehash of the first one.



And it happens again in a more ridiculous fashion in the third book.



Is it really that hard to think that other social issues might exist amongst teens of Latino origin besides gang violence?'



You know, Katie McGarry contemporaries-though somewhat repetitive all have different issues to explore.  I’m sure that there are just as many issues to explore with Latino teens as there any other teens.



Though try telling that to Elkeles.



Overall Rating: D+ I liked Kiara and her family.  Carlos and the plot though…sucks big time.


Source: http://howdyyal.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/how-my-stomach-got-pumped-the-rest-of-the-perfect-chemistry-series-by-simone-elkeles