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The Hunt - Stacey Kade


How can a book about aliens be…well, so boring?






Really, if there was one word to describe The Hunt it would be boring.


Of course, it’s really not that boring.  There’s suspense.  There’s action.  Romance.  But at the end of the day, it’s a typical middle book in a trilogy suffering from middle book predictability complete with a ridiculous cliffhanger.





It isn’t completely horrible though.  To be honest, it’s not that bad of a book.  It does have a lot going for it.  Like, the characters.  I really do like both Zane and Arianne.  They do have chemistry and both of them are fully formed.  However, I don’t know at the end of the day this book didn’t wow me.



As I said before, I sort of knew what to expect on this one.  The jacket summary is pretty straight forward.  There’s really nothing that takes you by surprise.  Even the alien hybrid mythology was nothing weirder than one of the more calmer theories on Ancient Aliens.





Though to be honest, all the alien stuff in the Project Paper Doll series hasn’t impressed me.  Oh, it’s a little bit better than what you’d see in some YA series (cough, Lux series, cough) but it’s more or less a plot point.  Actual world building, with this aspect does not occur.



A couple of Google searches or episodes of some H2 conspiracy show you’ll find that there’s actually a pretty big mythos involving grey aliens.  However, hardly any of that mythos is used other than the bare minimum.



Of course, you could view the book as being more about humanity and coming to terms about what humanity is and all that, but I think there did need to be a little bit more of those urban legends coming out.



The whole hybrid program scheme really was a bit of a bore.  Complete with alien hybrid in jars full of amber colored liquid.



Oh yeah, that cliche.  Where’s Bill Birnes and his cockamamie theories when you need them?



The action scenes were written to be obviously suspenseful and maybe if I hadn’t been hardened to a thousand YA trilogies already, I would’ve been excited by this one.  But as it was, I just felt that I was going through the motions.  Even the revelations with Ford weren’t that exciting. There were no curve balls it was all predictable.



And that’s where this one failed.  The lack of curveballs.  Even the cliffhanger ending wasn’t that surprising.  It was in essence predictable.  Like everything else about this book.



Overall Rating: B-.  It wasn’t a terrible book, but I did struggle through it.  There wasn’t anything about it that really held my attention and at the end of the day that what makes or breaks a series.  Will I finish the trilogy.  Probably.  But I will be library-ing it.