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Better Known as Captain Hook Lusting

Neverland - Anna Katmore


Not bad.



Not great.



But utterly horrible.






It’s actually one of the better reads I had when exploring the vast world of self pub (though to be honest, I usually don’t have the best of luck with self pub).



The premises intrigued me and since I imagine Captain Hook love interest (or really any Captain Hook) looking like Colin O’Donoghue I think it’s obvious that I’ll read any Peter Pan retelling for the mind candy. And the whole twist with Peter Pan was good too if not original (cough, Once Upon a Time had Evil!Pan first, cough).






But other than a great premises and some okay kissing scenes this book blew.



Oh, yeah.



Though compared to it’s sequel (spoiler alert) it is a freaking masterpiece.



Let’s talk about what didn’t work since there’s a lot.






First of all that name.  Sorry to the Angel’s in the world, but when a YA author names their character Angel alarm bells immediately go off especially when they have a personality as bland as cardboard like this angel is.



Also, it probably doesn’t help when you state that a character is British but she uses American English and slang. Um, Brits don’t call fries fries.  They call them chips.



Oh, and when she has hobbies like a forty-year-old.  Because most seventeen year olds I know, don’t like babysitting their four-year-old sisters all the time. Just saying.



Then there’s Hook:



Never was there never a Hook like this.  Honestly, I think Ms. Katmore was just charmed with Colin O’Donghue so much that she decided to have him star in her book but as a blonde to make him different.





Yeah…didn’t work.



The big twist that Hook and Pan were brothers in this book might’ve also not have hit me so much because there was a similar twist on Once Upon a Time  involving Pan’s genealogy with one of the main characters.  Though that twist had a bigger payoff.


In the end, I just didn’t know what Katmore wanted to do with these characters.  Because other than saying oh he’s  my brother and it being the catalyst for the curse…really, no connection.



Much like I didn’t really get the Hook and Angel relationship.  Oh yeah, there were some halfway decent written kissing scenes but it was insta love complete with leather pants.



Well, that part was original.



Oh, wait, never mind they have leather pants on that show too.



Well, that blows.



But this Hook’s blonde and likes feathers so that counts.  Well, the Disney Hook liked feathers too.



Never mind..



Let’s talk about Peter Pan then. Maybe he’s original.



Peter Pan:















Bigger brat than the Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time?




Well, that’s debatable and I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing.



Honestly, the entire character read like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum.  Even his so called tragic backstory was ridiculous and over the top.



The only thing I can say is it would make for a fairly decent soap opera and that’s about it.



But this book isn’t a soap opera.



Another problem with the Pan character was the syntax that Katmore chose.  This was actually a problem with Hook too.  It just felt out of place.  Like Wendy Wannabe Angel, the boys spoke with pure modern day American accents despite belonging to fantasy world that took place at least a hundred years ago.



I get that Katmore is not a native English speaker, but these are things that an editor could’ve worked with her on.  It just made the book seem almost lazy.



And if that didn’t make it seem lazy then there’s the plot.












With a  really lame cliffhanger.



That’s the problem with a lot of YA these days.  Predictable and lame cliffhangers but at least most of them would attempt a plot.  Neverland does not.  Save for Angel whining about going home and  she does nothing (absolutely nothing) to get home.  It’s Hook that does all the dirty work.  And Pan (sort of, though if you ask me he’s a waste of space).  Really, the whole book could’ve been resolved nicely in one installment.  But no….Katmore decides to end it with a cliff hanger which leads to the monstrosity that is Pan’s Revenge.