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No. Do Not Pass Go!

Pan's Revenge (Adventures in Neverland, 2) - Anna Katmore


Better  known as Peter Pan Got Hot So That the Author Could Implement the Love Triangle Trope.





I kid you not.



That’s really why I think this book exists becuase there’s no other reason.


And let’s not get me started on the ending.



I should warn you that this part of the binge review is going to be filled with spoilery rants so if you are serious about reading this and don’t want your spoiler cherry popped please hit the little exit button now.



Aren’t gone.  Well, I guess I’ll start with the plot for this one.  As redundant and predictable as Neverland was at least it made sense the plot in Pan’s Revenge not so much.



First we have the Pan growing up and not turning into Robin Williams so there really is no excuse for that.  Especially since said Pan now looks like an Abercombie model.


And then Pan basically manipulates are now amnesic heroine (yeah, she went with that trope) so that we can have a lame love triangle.



And then she basically copies and paste the same insta love kidnapping scene from the first book to this one.



And then the ending.



And then at that point my head explodes.





Before I get to just how heinous the ending is, I just want to talk about character development or the lack of it.  The first book was bad enough to the hastily put together characters, but this book is a level worse because the flat character.  I kid you not they digress and a good example of it…well, the ending.












That’s what I started thinking about the last ten percent of this book.  The first ninety percent bad but perfectly acceptable.  The plot was getting resolved and everything and that curve ball.



Has Katmore ever heard of stupid characters getting their just desserts?


Am I suppose to feel pity for said villain because he’s Peter freaking Pan?


Um, Once Upon a Time didn’t show sympathy and that’s one thing I think they succeeded on that stupid arc.





Look, that character did horrible things.  I wanted a payoff instead of every character giving up something for him.



And a first born child for that stupid piece of shit.






Well, it’s sort of interesting given the twist that Once Upon a TIme threw.  Ah, not really.  It was more or less like a huge cheesy wink like here’s my inspiration.



Of course, Katmore might’ve never seen that show and this might be purely a coincidence. But that aside.



Who would give up their oldest child to a piece of shit who tried to manipulate you and ruin your life?






Well, they’re brothers so that is an excuse for everything.






Just no.



Just having the same blood running through your veins isn’t going to make you want to give up your first born child to the idiot.  I’m sorry.



And family can be shitty.



Like Peter is.



I mean, he essentially tried to steal your girlfriend, dude.



Does this make sense?



Well, in Katmore’s universe it does.



Utter, utter fail.  Which is a pity because while the first book has it’s issues it has potential and the plot of this one holds such promise too.


Source: http://howdyyal.wordpress.com/2014/07/24/binge-reviews-neverland-duloagy-by-anna-katmore