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If Roswell, Twilight, and Independence Day had a Very Ugly Baby

Opposition - Jennifer L. Armentrout


Let’s talk about finales.  How would you like your series resolved:



A) A big epic battle where the hero or heroine has to make the ultimate choice to win the day.


B) An epic battle resolved by the main character create a unique and cunning plan.


C) A lame epic battle where nothing happens where all you have to do is walk out and say I’m Bella Swan a vampire and you win.


D) Have other people do the dirty work while you make out and win the day.  With a few causalities to insignificant ESPN watching characters.


If you answered D well you guessed the ending of the Lux series.








To be honest, I didn’t really have a lot of hopes for this one.  But considering that this one was the last book in the series and I made it through four books, I sort of felt trapped to finish this one.  The good news: it had it’s moments.  But God….it was still bloody annoying.



Let’s talk about the good.  The romance is not as noxious as it was in Origin.  Yeah, there were still a lot of moments where I was like stop making out, stop having sex, the world is ending and you need to act like Will Smith and try to do something.  But there weren’t as much sweet baby Jesus-es exchanged this time and for that I can be thankful.





There were occasionally some nice moments between the two that reminded me why I sort of liked them in the earlier book.  Oh, don’t get me wrong I was still annoyed, but less so than the last book.



I also liked the fact that this particular book was action packed.  Again, while I didn’t like some of the plot choices, I am appreciative that the story kept me entertained and had a moment or two where I laughed.



Now for the bad.



Oh, man, guys.  Where do I start?



This book was suppose to be about an alien invasion.  But while we were told this complete with the same opening music from Independence Day  (“It’s the End of the World as We Know it (and I feel fine)), are brave characters are still able to make a road trip clear across country with minimum damage and not have to face off with advance alien technology.



Armentrout, dear lord, watch an episode of Ancient Aliens, will you?  Giorgio Tsoukalos will tell you over and over again how much more high tech the stupid aliens are than us.


But I guess we need plot holes.



Just like we need a plot hole why the freaking US government never thought about using nucs on the aliens.  Again, watch Independence Day- it might of failed there but it would’ve probably been a better option than your lame weapons.


I digress.



I think the point I’m trying to make from all this digressing is the invasion plot could’ve been handled better.  Some build up in the previous books instead of having a new big bad thrown at us in the end.



Did I really care about these villains?






Even if they did kill a relatively minor character.  I still couldn’t give a shit.



The whole Luxen hive mentality also didn’t make sense.  The was no foreshadowing in previous books, so the whole thing made little to no sense.



And it was the power of love that broke the mental connection?






Oh, please.



You know, if I reread this series again I might make it a drinking game.



You know that could be fun.  I can already think about things to drink from:


  • Every time Damon calls Katy kitten.
  • Every time he makes an ass of himself.
  • Every time Katy mentions her book blog, so she can appear “normal”.
  • Every time they make out at an inappropriate time.
  • Every time sweet baby Jesus or aliens or some variant is used.




Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.



Oh, and did I mention I found typos in my finished copy.



Freaking typos.



To be fair, if I would’ve been younger and not reading YA books every other day I might’ve liked this one better.  It’s a fun read.  If you can look past the faults, be extremely shallow, and like cheesy romance this is the book for you.  For me, I’m just glad this series is over.  I really enjoyed the first few books, but the series has just seemed to go down hill.  Or maybe my reading tastes have changed.  The funny thing is, I have enjoyed the past few books by Armentrout.  But this one.  No thanks.



Overall Rating: C+



Overal Series Rating: C+ started strong and then just sort of failed.


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