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Sweet Baby Kittens

The Art of Wishing - Lindsay Ribar


This book is what I want from a YA book.  It’s cute, fluffy, and actually has substance.  And did I mention it features genies…and I’m in desperate need of a good YA genie book but never seem to get my wish.



Until this book.





In the words of Katy Schwartz, sweet baby Jesus.



This book is cute.  Made of kittens, sunshine, and all things perfect.



Let’s start with the main character.



I actually liked Margo.  Yes, she had some bonehead teenage moments, but I didn’t want to rip her hair off like I did with a lot of YA protagonists.  Oh yeah, she still makes mistakes but she actually felt her age.



I also liked the love interest which I really didn’t think I would.  Oliver is not your stereotypical YA boy and I think that’s what I liked the most about him.  It’s true, the romantic relationship between him and Margo developed a little too fast for my tastes, but Ribar made sure that their insta love sort of had some pitfalls.  So, the development really just worked.



I also loved the plot.



When I first read the summary, I thought it was going to be pure fluff.  However, color me surprise when Ribar added a killer genie in to the mix.  And strangely enough, it worked.  The book would’ve been bland without it.  Well, fluffy but bland.  The killer genie though was pretty awesome.  I liked the twist to the whole freeing the genie plot and it really added dimensions to the second book.



I tried to find faults in the first book, but to be honest I couldn’t find anything that major enough to gripe about.  Just saying that makes me feel all teary eyed.  Because I rarely ever get to say it. And it’s such an awesome feeling when I can’t complain.


I thought for sure  there’d be some complaining with a killer genie coming out in an otherwise fluffy book…



But nope.



Overall Rating: A+






Source: http://howdyyal.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/come-on-and-rub-the-bookthe-art-of-wishing-duo-logy-by-lindsay-ribar