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Great But Not That Great

The Fourth Wish - Lindsay Ribar


As for the sequel any other book and I would’ve said success…but this one was sort of a disappointment.





Don’t get me wrong.  The Fourth Wish had a lot going for it.  I liked the look that Ribar took on serious issues-like sexuality, slavery, and free choice.  But compared to the first book. Well, I didn’t get the chemistry between teh two characters.


Yeah, the fluffy kitties were gone.



It’s still a good book.  And even though I wasn’t having a purr worthy moment reading about Margo and Oliver, there were some cute moments.



One thing I did like about this book (and the previous book) was how all the characters-save for Oliver-were teens.  Undeniably teens.  A lot of YA protagonists just don’t act like high school kids.  But Margo, she actually has parents, classes that she’s passionate about, and a social life other than the love of her life.



So, the fact that Ribar kept most of that up in the sequel gets a plus from me.





Probably the best thing about this book was the way it handled such sensitive and deep subjects.  I never felt like Ribar was trying to force anything down my throat.  And I thought all the characters reactions were natural.



That being said, the resolution was a bit abrupt.  And I did feel like there were lots of loose ends to this book.



So, while I liked it I didn’t love it like I did the first one.



Overall Rating: A solid B.


Source: http://howdyyal.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/come-on-and-rub-the-bookthe-art-of-wishing-duo-logy-by-lindsay-ribar