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My Series Resignation Letter

The Vampires of Manhattan - Melissa  de la Cruz


Dear Blue Bloods Series,



I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore.



I read all seven full length books, the half books, even those two rather hellish spinoffs that I’m forced to read in order to understand you.  But I have to stop here with your hipster horror attempt at New Adult.



Though, it’s not adult.  Everyone is in their later twenties or early thirties and acts like they’re about forty.



So no.



Not New Adult since there are no random hookups with the BMOC.


I sort of wish there was though.



Maybe it would’ve made this book more tolerable instead of  hearing just how old thirty is.



Really, most late twenty somethings don’t act that old.



I guess I actually have to talk  about the actual book that did me in.  This one is broken up into three main viewpoints.  Though, we do sort of  have a couple of interludes in a couple of other people’s heads.



I think the best way for me to fully explain to you why I’m breaking up with you is to talk about each of the parts.



A. Ara:



Why is she even in here?






Change her coloring and she’s basically Deming Chen Part II.  In a lot of ways, this really did remind me of a rehash of Misguided Angel, especially Ara’s part.



Though, Deming wasn’t disgusting enough to like smelling like body odor.


Besides, she liked the way she smelled, like sweat and hard work, after spending the last seventy-two hours sitting on her suspect. (1)






Is that suppose to make her endearing?



It doesn’t.



More or less her POV was used to do all the detective work.  Personally, I wish they would’ve stuck us mainly with Kingsley who actually kicks butt.  Ara was just…well, disgusting.



And I really have to wonder how someone who was nicknamed Minty back in grade school can like smelling like sweat and perspiration.



The romance or romances that Ara has our even more ridiculous. Both seem forced.  One for the pure sake of a lame plot point, and the other one because de la Cruz just can’t couple anyone.



I’m sorry book, people who don’t wear deodorant shouldn’t be viewed as attractive.






B. Oliver and Finn:



Snooze fest.



Honestly, I wonder what happened to Ollie.  In the first series, he was probably the most decent character out of the lot of them.  Now though, he’s an asshole just like the rest of them.





It’s sort of ridiculous how he’s not the same character.  I literally groaned when he started inner monologuing it about how he was no longer the nerdy kid and he was now ripped.  Yeah, there was an actual quote that said that don’t believe me.


He’d been a skinny human teenager, but he was almost thirty years old now, and to put it bluntly, he was ripped. (13)


So, needless to say Ollie’s head has grown about three times the size it normally was.



I was almost gleeful when his bimbo girlfriend ruined his life.



God, I hated Finn.



She really is a sad excuse of a Schuyler replacement who just impulsively decides to do something stupid with little to no buildup.  And I can’t help but saying she sort of deserved her fate.



C. Mimi and Kingsley: 



Mingsley is the only reason I really was giving this book a chance.  To be honest, until I heard that Mingsley was going to be in the story I wasn’t going to even bother.  I mean, the whole hipster horror thing in the summary is a bit (a lot ) of a turnoff.



But what did de la Cruz do to my beautiful couple.



She ruined them.



And that ruined us, book series.  It really did.



The characters regressed.  And Mimi was just stupid and sort of sad to read about.



A receptionist.



Seriously, Mimi Freaking Force a reciptionist. No.  Just no.  She should’ve been at least a brassy news anchor if not the star of her reality show or something that had her face in the tabloids every other week.



But no, she’s just doing a job that pays probably $12.00 an hour and is still living in a high dollar neighborhood. And complains about being old even though she’s barely thirty and has those Blue Blood genes.



And Kingsley. Well, I felt bad for him for about 2/3 of the book until he basically cheated on Mimi with an underage girl.






But he was lonely…



No.  Fucking excuse.



But he looked seventeen…



Still no fucking excuse.



But he and Mimi had great makeup sex.



That apparently is a fucking excuse in Mimi’s world.



Infidelity is a huge issue in any relationship.  And even though Kingsley doesn’t completely go through with it.  If I was Mimi, I’d not have him in my pants the same night.



This is a character who is suppose to be in control.  Having her just be like oh the sex is good and you’re like forgiven is just sort of sad.





No thank you.



D. The Last (Gimmicky) Chapter:



Well, surprise.  Surprise.  It’s Sky and Jack.  Obviously, there to get you to read the next book.  With just a hint about what’s going on with them to make you want to read it.


Funny, I never saw the two of them as vineyard owners.  Nothing in the previous books indicated to me that this would be the route they’d go.  Of course, that’s what Allegra did.  And I guess Sky is suppose to be a duplicate of Allegra.  But like every other character in this book, the career choice makes no freaking sense.  And I’m sorry, I think tacking the kids thing on and having them leave is just stupid.



You know, if you want them to have kids have them wait.  People can still reproduce in their late twenties/early thirties.



Oh, I forgot, thirty=ancient for de la Cruz.  Not flirty like it was for Jennifer Garner.



Regardless, I really don’t know if I’ll continue.  I think this really is it book.  I mean, I’ve read fan fics that have done better justice to these characters.



So excuse me but I’m out of here.  Going to find myself  a new book romance.





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