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Howdy YAL!

I used to be the blogger called YAL Book Briefs, but I grew bored of the handle and changed my name to Howdy YAL. I also respond to MJ. I like to read, write, eat truffles, and watch bad Lifetime movies. 


So, I bought a book on Amazon that was claimed to be in "very good" condition.  I spent a little more than I wanted mainly because I wanted the book to look like it was in very good condition.  However, the book came minus its dust jacket and had some weird looking stains on its cover.  Obviously, I'm returning it and I left seller feedback.  Then the seller has the gall to ask me to remove my review.


Um, no.


You described your goods wrong.  I'm not removing my rating.  I'm getting my money back and then after I get my money back.  I'm going to add to my review about how you're trying to silence my opinion.